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As an organization, if you were to engage on just one social network, it would have to be Facebook, which dwarfs its rivals in both membership size and the passion of its audience (as measured by visits and time on site). But being on Facebook alone would be a mistake. You owe it to your business to participate on multiple networks.

You should be using the strengths of the different platforms—and the different missions and mindsets of the people on them—so that you can achieve the following goals:

1. Your brand’s social presence is essentially wherever consumers seek it

2. You satisfy a breadth of consumer needs, including research, customer service, amusement, and immersion in the brand experience

3. You amplify, echo, and support your key campaigns and brand messages consistently across multiple media

4. You leverage the fixed costs of social media (program strategy, policy establishment, planning and staffing, analytics and technology investments) across a broader reach Some social platforms excel as conduits for news, trends, and gossip.

Others specialize in professional networking or rich media sharing. While every platform overlaps the user base of the others, users may be in a different mindset or have a different mission when they visit each one.