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Some of the Best Events to Be Held in Philly

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Philadelphia is also known as the City of Brotherly Love. In addition, there is something in the city that everyone loves. Events are held here in the city throughout the year. Every day, you can see the blockbuster festival, live concerts, and food and drink-related celebrations in this city. During this time of the year, you can witness some sort of sports activity too. There are awesome things happening in Philadelphia, also known as Philly in short. You can check online to find out about the events tonight in Philadelphia. Let’s look at some of the best events that you can attend in Philly and enjoy your time there.

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Lantern Festival on July 8th, 2022

You can visit Franklin Square and visit the beautiful and breathtaking Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival. Plus, along with this, don’t forget to visit the Longwood Gardens, where there is a much-awaited light installation by Bruce Munro. You can visit these two places and enjoy your time with the breathtaking beauty of the lights. Also, the good news is that you can win tickets to Longwood Gardens and stay there overnight and get a gift card for dinner at Terrain. This week you can also make a visit to Philadelphia music venues by visiting the Cherry Street Pier for the return of the Tiny Room for Elephants festival. Here you will see wonderful artists’ work in public view to the backdrop of great tunes and music.

Old City Eats & More (Food & Drinks)

Besides that, if you are a food lover, then you can taste Philly’s amazing food and drinks, which you will get at the Philly River Stroll on the Delaware River waterfront on Tuesday. Then on Wednesdays, you can visit the central city district’s SIPS, and on Thursdays, you can visit the Old City Eats. So, all week you can be merry and eat and drink. You can also visit the beer garden, which is held at the Phillis Museum of Art and hosts the largest outdoor beer garden. It is held at the Oval XP. An urban oasis with 8 acres. You can also check out the world’s largest mobile Ferris wheel.

Harry Potter World Premiere

Besides that, for a fun night, you can book the Visit Philly Overnight Hotel Package, which comprises 2 complimentary tickets. The tickets are for the world premiere of Harry Potter. Next, you can visit the exhibition at the Franklin Institute, where you can get a hotel parking permit, which will cost you up to $100. Also, you will get other necessary facilities and amenities. If you want help for an outing in Philly, then you can call the visitor independence centre to speak with the visitor experience expert. You can call them between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. They will help you with all the great happenings in Philly and in Greater Philadelphia. Check their number online or you can call them at (800) 537-7676.

Film History

It may be possible that you love festivals, shopping, or the circus. If you want to attend all of these events, then you are very lucky because more of them are happening in the entertainment district in Philly this weekend. So, pack your company with some good adventurous chums and travel to Phoenixville to get entertained with film history. You can also visit the city for a Hispanic fiesta happening of epic proportions. So, get ready for a fun weekend in Philadelphia.

High Flying Circus Acts—Friday, July 8–Saturday, July 9 at the Cooper’s Poynt Waterfront Park, Camden, New Jersey

The youth circus troupe Trenton circus Squad will be traveling to south jersey for a residency in Camden where they will be showing off their high wire walking, acrobatics and unicycle stunts. Under the Italian-made big top tent, the show will be featured and it will have new jersey-based performers around 10 of them. You can check this event during the weekend 3 performance times – Friday at 6 pm and Saturday at 2 and 6 pm. The tickets will cost around $15 per person.

So, enjoy all of these events in Philly with your kith and kin. Check out online for more details on the same.

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