Style with a Hat: Tips for Chemo Patients

Much before you start your chemotherapy, your brain might linger over the possibilities of losing your hair.

It’s quite natural. Losing hair due to the treatment can be terrifying but do not lose your spirit. A chemo hat can be your comfortable confidante!

There are several options like hats for chemo patients, and making your pick can be pretty overwhelming. There can be a debate on the colour and the material. The options are endless. But whatever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable, confident, and stylish.

But why should you style your hat? Simple.

You did not choose to lose your hair, so you should not be embarrassed about it. Embrace your new appearance and flaunt your hat. An excellent style quotient will keep you happy, fashionable, and radiant!

Here are a few tips to get you started on your journey of hat styling:

1. Colourful Hats Will Brighten Your Face (and Day)

Colourful hats are magical. They can light up your face and brighten your mood. So, don’t be afraid to choose that red or purple hat you have been avoiding.

Chemotherapy can make you look washed out and pale. But wearing a stylish hat can add a pop of colour and make your skin look vibrant.

Even if you wear a black outfit, you can style it with a bright coloured burgundy hat and look elegant. Just remember, black and blue are not the only colours to choose.

2. Prints and Patterns Can Make Your Hat Look Trendy

While colours can bring the sass to your look, you should also try out hats with prints.

A plain black hat with coloured prints and different patterns can be a fun way to style for a casual day out.

Also, look out for gathered and pleated hats. Choose either or both of them to style your chemo hats.

3. Experiment with a Lot of Hat Accessories

Once you choose your hats, it’s time to focus on your accessories. Your chemo hat can be a beautiful accessory in and of itself. But pairing it with other cute adornments can refine your look!

Say you are going for a simple but chic appearance. Pull your hat higher on your forehead,  and pair it with a beautiful scarf. You can pull off an organised look in minutes.

If you are going to wear earrings, ensure your hat does not cover your earlobes. You can add a little brooch and complete your look with style!

4. It’s Not All About Hats!!

Many people think of hats for chemo patients when it comes to headwear. But there is so much more to your head accessories than an ordinary hat.

Choose a lovely scarf, turban, or beanie. Alternate between your hats and other headwear to get a new look every day.

5. Do Not Say-No To Make Up

Makeup can bring a whole new glow to your face. A touch of extra lip colour, eye makeup, and a compact can give you a natural and adorable look.

Again, chemotherapy can make your skin look naturally dull. But it is nothing a little bit of makeup cannot fix.

Wrapping Up

Losing hair due to chemotherapy can be stressful. But chemo hats are necessary to protect you from the outside heat.

So, when you must wear a chemo hat, why not make it stylish and boost your confidence?

Pairing your hats with scarves and other accessories can up your style quotient. If you are not an accessories person, you can go big on choosing between different patterned headwear.

Ultimately, a little experiment with your hat can help you explore various styles. So, go ahead and start your styling journey right away!

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