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Surrogacy- A great initiative with minimal cost with multiple procedures

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Have you ever heard of surrogacy and the different procedures associated with it? If not, we will discuss surrogacy and the cost in this article. Surrogacy is a procedure that helps couples have their genetic child. In the olden days, when there was no concept of surrogacy, people used to adopt children if they didn’t have one. But now, with the emergence of surrogacy, things have become much simpler, and the dream of many people of having a biological child has come to reality.

Surrogacy is different in every country. However, its price also. Some countries cost you an arm and a leg for a single procedure, while there are countries that do exist and offer a very low rate for these procedures.

If you are familiar with surrogacy and the procedures related to it, you must have heard of the fescov reproductive clinic, which offers quite flexible payment methods to its customers. The fescov reproduction clinic offers various services, and all have different prices. leihmutterschaft europa is different when it comes to cost.

Following are the services that one can opt from the fescov reproductive group:

  • Egg donation
  • Artificial fertilization
  • Human genomics services
  • Special offers

Egg donation service

Egg donation service is further categorized into comfort guarantee, VIP guarantee, deluxe guarantee, and embryo donation/adoption. The prices for these services are 17000€, 28500€, 34500€, and 17000€ respectively.

Artificial fertilization service

Artificial fertilization is again divided into subcategories which are the same comfort guarantee, VIP guarantee, and deluxe. Their prices are 17000€, 28500€, 34500€ respectively.

Ukraine is the hub of surrogacy, as most of us know. So the surrogacy prices are way lower in contrast to the prices in the USA. Even people from European countries choose Ukraine to get the procedure done at a low cost.

Surrogate mother from Europe

In some countries like Sweden, Germany, Norway, France, and Austria where surrogacy services are prohibited. In contrast, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, and Russia allow surrogacy on official levels. However, European countries allow surrogacy with some restrictions.

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Moreover, the prices for surrogacy are different in all these countries. Let’s have a quick look at the prices for surrogacy in each country:

  • Great Britain

One cannot opt for surrogacy if it’s on a commercial basis. However, other reasons for the procedure are acceptable. The cost of a surrogate mother in Great Britain is between £12,000 and £15,000.

  • Denmark

Denmark is an expensive country when it comes to surrogacy. Moreover, the usage of your female eggs costs you $50,000. However, if there is a need to use an egg donor, the price will increase from $50,000 to $60,000.

  • Greece

Greece is a cheaper country for surrogacy. However, the surrogacy price starts from $20,000. Moreover, the legislation still does not allow reproductive technology, which inconveniences the couples, and there is no surety if their child will be taken back.


Surrogacy comes with various services. Moreover, the prices vary from service to service. Some countries permit surrogacy on the official level, while some have certain rules and regulations regarding the service. However, some countries strictly prohibit surrogacy on any ground.