The Benefits of Shatterproof Safety Film

When comparing security and safety window film, you should consider Huper Optik and 3M(tm) films. These products help protect against wind and storm damage, but there are other benefits to consider as well. Read on to learn more about the benefits of shatterproof safety films. The article also includes a discussion of energy efficiency. Installing security film in windows can reduce energy costs by blocking out harmful ultraviolet rays and keeping warm air inside during cold weather.

3M(tm) Safety and Window Security Films

Property managers and business owners understand the importance of safety. Unexpected events can cause massive property damage, deteriorate tenants’ feelings of safety, and disrupt normal business operations. Not only does storm damage result in costly repairs, but the resulting mess and cleaning process can also adversely impact the business among current tenants. By reducing the risk of storm damage, 3M(tm) Safety and Security Window Film can help protect against such situations.

3M(tm) Safety and Security Window Films help to shatterproof safety film reduces the risk of storm damage by holding the glass in place during a storm. They come in two varieties, clear for safety only, and sun control for added protection. Combined with a strong, protective coating, these films can reduce the risk of wind and hail damage by up to 70 percent. While 3M Safety and Security Films are not hurricane-proof, they do protect windows from shattering.

Huper Optik Safety and Security Film

Protecting high-rise buildings from storm damage is imperative. The constant wear and tear from high winds, heavy rain, and snow can cause glass to shatter and destroy anything inside. Adding Huper Optik Safety and Security Film to windows is a simple yet effective way to reduce the risk of storm damage and ensure that your property remains as pristine as the day it was built. This film offers an extra layer of protection to help reduce the risk of broken glass from crashing through the roof. Furthermore, the film helps keep broken glass in place so that it does not fly through the air and cause more damage.

Another benefit of Huper Optik Safety and Security Film is that it protects the interiors from extreme temperatures. It reduces glare and heat by up to 96%. Additionally, it reduces energy bills by cutting the amount of infrared radiation entering a room. These two benefits make Huper Optik shatterproof safety film the best option for protecting your property from hurricanes.

3M(tm) Safety & Security Window Film

There are many benefits of using 3M(tm) Safety & Service Window Film to protect your home from the damage caused by a storm. While windows are a major source of natural light, they can also be the source of threats and break-ins. Fortunately, 3M(tm) Safety & Security Window Film reduces the chances of damage and injury from flying glass by keeping the pieces of glass together, thus reducing the potential for broken glass fragments to damage your home.

During a storm, glass doors and windows are the most vulnerable points of entry to homes. Broken glass can be extremely dangerous and can seriously injure or even kill a person. 3M Safety & Security Window Films work by helping to keep broken glass in place. By preventing flying shards of glass, they also help protect your home from intruders and severe weather. Combined with 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems, these films can reduce the risk of damage from a storm.

3M Safety & Security Window Film

Hurricanes, tornadoes, severe winds, earthquakes, and more can all cause flying glass, and 3M Safety & Security Window Film is designed to prevent this kind of damage. A typical Tornado will cut a path about six miles long and 140 yards wide. Its speed is near 200 miles per hour, and it lasts about ten to fifteen minutes. More powerful Tornadoes may be as high as 300 miles per hour.


M Safety & Security Window Film reduce the chances of flying glass during a storm, and protects homeowners from shards and shrapnel that can be dangerous. These films also reduce the chance of household accidents due to flying glass. Because they hold the pieces of glass together, they can prevent a variety of injuries. While 3M Safety & Security Window Film reduces the risk of storm damage, it also provides a level of privacy that homeowners crave.

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