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The factors and features to consider before purchasing an electric water pump

An electric water pump is a type of machine used for the transfer of water from one point to another. Nowadays there has been an increase in the manufacture of these electric water pumps by different brands making it difficult for one to choose the right one.In this article, I will break down the factors and features to consider before purchasing an electric water pump in the market.

In the market today there are various types of water pumps with different features. For one to get an electric pump that would perform his or her desired work well, then he or she has to consider some factors and features about the electric water pump that ought to be considered before purchasing.

Flow rate

This refers to the time an electric pump would take to pump a specific amount of water. Before purchasing an electric water pump, one should put into coaction the amount of water, he or she wants to be pumped. For example, if you are to use the pump for irrigation then you will require a bigger one compared to the one to be used around the house.

The inlet valve size

Before purchasing an electric water pump you should check the size of the inlet valve as that would determine the amount of water to be pumped within a given period. For a faster job, the one with a big inlet would suck water fast compared with the one with a smaller one.

The maximum height and pressure

In this context, I refer to the height and distance the electric water pump would be able to pump the water. For example, if you want to pump water to a height of forty meters and then you should buy the one with the exact or the greater than forty meters. Buying a pump that only pumps for a distance of the y meters would not be able to pump the forty meters since the flow rate would be zero. Hence, it’s better to consider the height before purchasing.

The Standard of the pump

This is an importantfactor to consider since the standard of the pump would determine its durability and the quality of work it would be able to do. Thus, while buying you should check the standard of a particular pump to avoid disappointments later.

The kind of liquid to be pumped

The kind of liquid to be pumped is also a factor to consider. There are various varieties of pumps in the market each with different functions. So depending on the type of liquid you are to pump it’s good to pick the correct type of pump to suit its function.

Power intake

This is an important determinant factor of the electric water pump prices in Kenya. One should check the amount of power a pump uses to get work done. It is usually measured in Horse Power. This would enable one to know the distance and the time taken for the pump to complete a given task. The more the power intake the greater the force, and vice-versa.


As seen above, for one to get the desired electric water pump, there are factors and features to look into as this will greatly determine the quality of work one will receive. Therefore, it is very crucial to keep that in mind.