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The Incredible Life Story of Valentina Gunina, Chess Grandmaster

Valentina Gunina is a Russian chess grandmaster who has achieved impressive success in international tournaments. Born in 1991 in the city of Nizhny newpelis Novgorod, Gunina began playing chess at the age of five and quickly developed a passion for the game. By the age of nine, she had already become a chess prodigy, winning the Russian children’s chess championship. In 2005, at the age of fourteen, Gunina was awarded the title of Woman Grandmaster, making her one of the youngest players to ever receive this title. She went on to become a Grandmaster in 2012, becoming only the second Russian woman to do so. Over the years, Gunina has achieved a aditianovit great deal of success in international tournaments. She won the bronze medal in the European Women’s Chess Championship in 2011, 2012, and 2014, and the silver medal in
1. In 2015, she won the Women’s World Blitz Chess Championship and the World Rapid Chess Championship. Gunina also won the Russian Women’s Chess Championship in both 2015 and
2. Gunina has also achieved great success in team koditipstricks competitions. She has won three medals at the Women’s Chess Olympiads in 2008, 2010, and
3. In addition, Gunina was part of the Russian team that won the gold medal at the Women’s World Team Chess Championship in
4. Gunina is one of the highest-rated female chess players in the world and has been the world number-one female chess player on multiple occasions indiantodaynews. Her highest rating was 2554 in 2018, which placed her at number 19 in the world rankings. Valentina Gunina is an incredibly talented chess player and a true inspiration for aspiring female chess players. Her success and dedication to the game have earned her a place among the greatest female chess players of all time.