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The Main Types of Injuries People Suffer in Car Accidents and the Treatment They Require

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Car accidents are common everywhere. While some of the crashes are fortunate enough to leave those involved with minimal or no damage at all to their vehicles or bodies, others are so bad that they can claim numerous lives while inflicting damage to the vehicle and property in the vicinity.

Somewhere between these two extremes are the most common form of accidents – those that leave people with injuries. Now, the injuries one can have from being involved in a car accident can range from very simple to very complex in nature. Thus, the treatment for each type of injury varies.

Below, we’ll be discussing the most common car accident injuries and we will provide some tips on how to deal with them.

1-Bruises And Burns

With motor vehicles colliding out there, the spilling of petrol and fire is a not so uncommon occurrence. These situations often lead to burns and bruises to the skin of those involved in the accidents. The burns can vary from being minor to severe and this determines what kind of treatment they require.


Minor burns and bruises can heal on their own with some care. You can consult a dermatologist who can recommend some balm or externally useable medicine to get rid of the irritation and burning sensation.

As for major burns and bruises, the treatment varies depending on where the injury has formed on your skin. You need to seek proper medical treatment immediately and get yourself treated properly.

2- Muscle And Ligament Injuries

Sometimes, your body experiences forces in a motor vehicle accident that aren’t comfortable and suitable for the limited flexibility of a human body.

Whiplash type injuries can occur when your head moves forward and backwards very quickly as a result of the car accident. These types of injuries are also often minor but can intensify if they are not looked after properly.


Initially apply ice to the injured area.  Then over time the application of heated pads to the area of the injured muscles can help heal the injury over time. Also, try not to pick up heavy weights or move your body too much if the pain is enhanced by doing so.

In case where whiplash is a bit more serious, you can go for regular physiotherapy sessions and get yourself treated to ensure the faster recovery of the muscle damage.

3-Neck And Back Injuries

The forces that the body experiences in a motor vehicle crash can also result in some severe injuries to a person’s skeletal system. This involves neck and back injuries most commonly.

While many underestimate these injuries, the truth is, they can cause you to experience severe pain – sometimes even permanent disabilities. Hence, treating these types of injuries in the correct way is not an option, rather a necessity.


The most immediate treatment for such bone-related injuries is to get them plastered – of course after consulting a professional medic.

Later, physiotherapies and other exercises alongside medication can help with the issue. No matter what treatment you have, these injuries can take a lot of time to heal. It might even take a few surgeries (in extreme cases) before you can heal and be back on your feet.

It is a sad fact that these injuries of rarely heal fully and sometimes, might even leave you with permanent symptoms or even a disability. The thought of these types of injuries is a timely reminder for you to remember to drive safely so that you have the best chance of avoiding being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Those involved in car crashes might require assistance from a motor vehicle accident injury lawyer Perth.  Be sure to do your research and choose the best person for the job.

4- Concussions

When a car accident happens with a lot of force, you might hit your head on your car’s dashboard or steering wheel. People seated behind you might also hit their heads on the back of the seats in front of them.

This might result in what seems like a normal headache at first but worsens with time.  This type of injury is known as a concussion.  A concussion can often lead to serious brain issues, like damage to memory and slowed processing of thoughts.


It is crucial to have your concussion injuries treated in the best possible way right after the motor vehicle accident. Not taking these types of injuries seriously can harm you later in unimaginable ways.

We suggest seeking medical advice and getting therapy after you have had yourself correctly assessed and if necessary, treated by appropriately trained medical specialists. This can save you from developing serious issues and memory concerns later in life.

5- Brain Injuries

You can take think of brain injuries as being the worst forms of concussion that often lead to a person falling into a coma or death. Sometimes, brain injuries have life-altering effects as they can change the way your brain can process information and retain it.

Some brain injuries might lead to severely slowed down reflexes and lack of your ability to process things.

Hence, there is no doubt that these injuries must be treated with caution and care.


The best way to get these injuries treated is to consult a doctor. You are often required to seek long-term therapy as well some psychological care to get your brain working well again.

6- Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

While this might seem like it is not true, PTSD after intense accidents is very common all over the world. Many people do not deal with it how they are supposed to.

Trauma can turn in to a dark reality especially after it is left unattended for so long. You can find your emotions all messed up and confused after a serious car accident.

PTSD symptoms include being scared, aversion to sounds, sleeping issues, mood swings, etc. If you notice anything like this in yourself after a motor vehicle accident, make sure to get treatment as soon as possible.


The best way to get your PTSD treated is to consult a doctor who can refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist for appropriate psychological treatment.

Generally, a combination of medicines and therapies such as mind desensitization will help in the treatment of your PTSD.


While some of these injuries might seem like they are not a big deal, you still would not want to experience the pain that comes with them. So, make sure you and your passengers are all wearing your seatbelts, that you have your focus at all times on the road ahead of you and that you strive to be the best driver that you can be.