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The Ultimate Buying Guide on Popcorn Machine

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Popcorns have always been very popular snacks for many people not only in western countries but nowadays Africans both adults and kids love popcorns. They are generated by heating the cons in a high degree of heat using a special machine made for cons.

What is a Popcorn Machine

A ¬†popcorn maker is an electrical machine used for heating popcorn to a certain heat degree until they are ready ad edible. These machines are made in different sizes from small to commercial sizes. They were invented in the 19th century by Charles’s creators.

How Does The Popcorn Machine Work

Popcorn machines are electrical and so it is easy to use the machine and make your popcorn.

  1. The first switch on the power for electricity then switch on the machine power to start the heat and light of the popcorn machine.
  2. Then you should add oil and let it heat for about five minutes
  • Now assuming the is heated enough turn the motor on and add the popcorn kernels
  1. Once they are ready for consumption remove them to cool and you can eat them.

Features to Consider before Buying a Popcorn Machine

  1. First, consider the capacity of the machine you want to buy. This point will be guided by what you need the machine or is it for ur home use or commercial use. If it is for home use go for a smaller one for commercial use buy the one with wide space to hold more corn at the same time.
  2. Consider Budget: Budget is key and it will be guided by point number one where the size of the machine determines popcorn machine price in Kenya. The commercial machine will be more expensive than smaller ones but affordable.
  3. Machine efficiency: Popcorn machines are different. Some are fast and efficient when it comes to using and others are not. Always when buying the machine consider the one with added efficiency as a plus for better performance.
  4. Brand: Brand is key there is some brand which is well known for better performance and it’s advisable to do a market survey to get the idea of which are the best brands leading in the market in terms of performance.

Other Key Features of a Good Popcorn Machine

  1. Ensure the machine is made of stainless steel material to guarantee lasting quality
  2. The machine should be designed with lights which are for warming the corns to keep them at a proper temperature.
  3. Buy a machine that comes with a measuring cup and spoon that are used during popcorn preparation.

Advantages of Popcorn Machine

  1. The Machine produces popcorn which is healthier compared to those made by microwave.
  2. The popcorn machine produces a large quantity of popcorn faster and with ease compared to other things like a microwave.
  • The machine produces popped corn Which means the number of unpopped corn is less.
  1. Some machines are built with more than one compartment thus increasing the storage space

Disadvantages of Popcorn Machine

  1. The best brand with good quality and efficiency tends to be expensive.


Popcorn is a fun snack for our kids and it is advisable to get them the best popcorn made using a machine instead of a microwave for health purposes. If you enjoy popping different types of food at home then you can get a popcorn machine that is smaller and affordable in terms of cost.