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Things you need to know about the diesel posho mills

A few people in the country have no access to electricity.To start a milling business in these areas, consider the diesel-powered mill. There are two types of mills:a mill that uses diesel to operate and the other powered by electricity. This article discusses the diesel mill type.

Diesel mill prices vary depending on the power, specifications, capacity, and quality of the mill one prefers. A mill is a great investment, especially in rural areas where peoplewant togrind grains into flour. It is important to know the price of the mill because it helps you make choices of the mill you want. There are other things you should consider besides knowing the cost of the mill.

Cost of the mill

When selecting a diesel mill you need to do a lot of research just like when investing in the one powered by electricity. Investing in a cheap mill that is lackluster in performance can be more expensive. High-quality machines that have superior qualities are more expensive.

Mill size

It is important to consider the storage space available before buying a mill. Mills are available either in large sizes others are of small sizes. For instance, if you need to buy a mill that grinds flour for a low population area, you should buy a small-sized mill. If one wants to buy a mill for commercial purposes, one should consider buying big milling machines.

The convenience of the mill  

Not all milling machines have the capability of grinding all types of grains. Many diesel machines do not grind oily nuts or watery ones. Diesel posho mill prices in Kenya are affected by the convenience of the machine. Machines capable of grinding many kinds of grains are more expensive than the ones grinding a few kinds of grains.

Features of a diesel mill

  1. Comes with strong engines that offer you a particular performance with electric counterparts of the same engine power.
  2. Have silencing technology that reduces vibrations and noise when the mill isoperating.
  3. Has a water-cooled engine
  4. Requires mounting on the floor due to high vibration
  5. It requires 3 days to dry to start working.
  6. It has high output

A diesel mill can produce both grade 1 and grade 2.

Qualities of a Grade 1 diesel mill.

This machine works best for areas with no electricity or has high power inconsistency.

It is quick and uses the minimum amount of fuel.

It uses a 2 piston engine.

Qualities of a Grade 2 diesel mill

It is cheap.

It uses 1 piston engine.

Uses water in the cooling engine

The engine is made in China

Horsepower ranges between 6.6 and 7.5

Relatively cheap

Selecting a high-quality machine gives you a better performance and longer service period thus getting the returns on your investments. The quality machine can serve a diverse clientele and charge more services.


The diesel mill varies due to t the above features discussed.