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Three Electric Skateboards to Seriously Improve Your Commute

An increasing number of electric skateboarders have begun using their boards for the everyday commute. Research has consistently revealed that an immeasurable trip can make someone happier and more satisfied. One study discovered that the essence of their morning commute “significantly influences overall well-being” for the typical employee. Attaining a way to make your morning commute more pleasurable and sustainable is a worthy endeavor.

However, an electric longboard helps you to go fast without additional effort, and it’s an enjoyable, agile, and simple way to explore. There are three electric skateboards here to seek that improve your commute seriously.

1. 350W Single Electric Motor Longboard

  • Motor: A 350W hub motor, associated with a belt drive motor, has more power, more negligible protection, and less shouting. The revolution of motor wheels will be more profound than that of conventional wheels when the board runs out of power, which can drive like a conventional skateboard.
  • Wheel: Non-slip and wear-resistant PU wheel, which gives an excellent smooth-riding adventure. You can change the PU cover of the wheel conveniently and fast. Ensure you can drive and brake carefully. And the solution to the obstacle of traditional board wheels is compact and straightforward to wear.
  • Deck: 8-ply maple is hardened, with prominent protection features. It includes muscle, ligament, and kills layers, which play a destructive role in fixing maple layers and enhancing stiffness – using high-density wheel non-slip and waterproof coverings to assure protection while boarding.
  • Wireless remote control: The remote can control lightweight and modest acceleration and decay, correctly designed and speed for beginners or skaters. It is convenient for long-distance trips and later shows driving agility, power mode, etc.

2. Maxfind Max4 Pro

  • Motor: The Maxfind Max4 Pro originates with a 1500W motor with more torque and a more petite input current. The internal construction of the motor has been optimized, which indicates that the PU jacket is simple to substitute, efficiently decreasing sound.
  • Deck: The deck of the Max 4 Pro is made up of 8 layers of Canadian maple coated with carbon fiber, which is clear and soft to see. It’s a 38 ″ lengthy and 10.6 ″ expansive decks like the old intended ‘Vanguard’ shaped deck. You will relish high performance and a convenient travel experience.
  • Battery: The Max4 Pro has ridiculous endurance due to Samsung’s 158.4Wh high-density lithium-ion battery and custom BMS. The potential of this battery is up to 4400mAh, and the maximum mileage is up to 30 km. They are being charged in only 2 hours.
  • Remote control: Hobbywing supports the latest ESC powerful quickening. It has four-speed modes and a fixed sail speed. The new LCD screen panel on the remote control lets you observe driving speed, speed mode, and Bluetooth status, making it more difficult and entertaining.

3. TeamGee H5 Dual Drive Electric Longboard

  • Motor: The 760W brushless dual-motor can promptly arrive at 22MPH in fast mode after startup. It is excellent for controlling gentle slopes and ascending steep slopes up to 20 degrees with ease and assurance.
  • The wheel: The 90mm isolated PU shock-absorbing wheel can improve riding endurance, give an excellent grip, and distribute gravity. When the tires are worn out, you can disassemble them for replacement or upgrade the tires yourself.
  • Body: The body element is magnesium alloy, a 12 mm deck, and weighs 14.6 pounds. Light in weight and small in size executes the board more movable for riding. The batteries are covered in the deck, which provides an excellent and clean appearance.
  • Remote control: The remote has a four-speed mode and buttons for delicate operation: flexible, intelligent two-way little, elongated grip, no sense of exhaustion. You can control the braking power according to the remote power.

Concluding Remarks

The popularity of electric skateboards is growing day by day. So, if you want to have a lot of fun riding a skateboard, you have to choose the best one. For this reason, you can consider the above three Electric Skateboards that can help you to enjoy great amusement and improve your commute.