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Tip for writing a news report

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Writing a news item is an art in itself. You don’t start at the beginning of a story, but in the middle. Below you can read in seven steps how to build a good news article according to the ‘power failure method’. But in this paraphrasingtool.site you will also come across some of the main tips to follow.

Writing news item, power outage

With a news item you inform readers quickly and factually about a newsworthy event. The subject can be anything: a prison break, the birth of a cloned dog, or the 10-year anniversary of your own company.

The biggest challenge in the ‘news report writing’ discipline is not finding a topic, but organizing the available information. The most important comes at the top; in fact, you should write every sentence in a news article as if it could be the last.

This writing technique was already used in the American Civil War by telegraph operators, who sent messages from one side of the country to another in Morse code. Often there were power cuts and their telegrams were only half received. The telegraph operators therefore immediately reported the most important news item in the first line of a message. The most important information after that appeared in the second line, the slightly less important facts in the next line, and so on. If the power went out, at least the recipient would have read the most urgent news.

Write a news item? – write rollable

Journalism Research now call this technique roll-up writing, because you can roll up or trim the bottom paragraphs of a good press release without losing the most important information. Handy, especially if important news suddenly arrives and you need to trim a message.

Rollable writing is becoming increasingly important these days. We will no longer be bothered by power failures; your readers can still stop reading at any moment because they are distracted by their phone, a talking colleague, the smell of coffee, or a Twitter or even a WhatsApp message.

You can easily learn how to write a news article in but here we have a pro tip for you.

Write it as a story

Pro tip: Determine the news and skip the beginning!

In everyday life, you usually tell stories in chronological order. But if you are going to write a news item, you skip the beginning. When you come up with the first line and the headline, you’re just asking yourself one question: What’s the most remarkable information I have? In other words:  what is the most important news?  With this information you start the message, even if it sometimes feels a bit unnatural.

Writing a news story about this event is surprisingly difficult. You tend to start at the beginning, with the passenger arriving at customs with a chimpanzee in his suitcase. But you have to suppress that impulse. Imagine that the power could go out at any moment, just like the telegraph operators. So you start with the most remarkable thing: a monkey kidnapping a baby in a departure lounge.

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