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Top 4 Reasons Why You Might Fire Your Injury Attorney in Hawaii

The main reason people hire injury attorneys is to make work easy and ensure they get justice. After working through your case with an injury lawyer for some time, you might lose confidence in them. You might not be happy with the results they are bringing to the table and their lack of paying attention to details in the case. In this situation, you may be on the verge of firing them. A reasonable Hawaii personal injury attorney will never tell you when they will settle the case or a specific amount of compensation you will get. Take some time to evaluate the lawyer, and if you have a problem with the following things, it may be time to find a new injury lawyer.

1. Inconsistent Communication

One primary reason people fire lawyers is a lack of communication. Before starting on the case, it is crucial to develop an excellent client-lawyer relationship to ensure you will communicate everything involving the case. If a lawyer refuses to answer your calls or reply to your emails, that is a red flag. A simple misunderstanding of the case could have devastating consequences. Therefore, it may be time to find another lawyer if the current one does not communicate well about the case.

2. Conflict of Interest

If a conflict of interest develops during the case, it can impede the capability of the lawyer to represent you justly. The lawyer might become biased such that they no longer take your best interests at heart. Therefore, if the expert starts representing another person involved in your case, it might be time to let them go. Fire your attorney if they have a personal relationship with another person in the case and you feel their relationship will affect the outcome of your case.

3. Underqualified Lawyer

Lawyers have different levels of knowledge depending on their education and experience. You may hire a lawyer referred to you by a friend, only to realize later that the attorney is not qualified enough to handle the case. Your case may also get complicated with time beyond the skills and knowledge of the lawyer you hired at first. In this case, we advise getting another lawyer with the capability to handle the complexities in your case. However, avoid this by doing your homework well before hiring the attorney to confirm they can handle any complexity that comes on the way.

4. Unethical Behavior

If you notice that your attorney is being unethical, start the process of hiring them. Unethical behaviors include being asked to seek medical attention from a specific provider or doing something you are uncomfortable with. If the lawyer is also facing a disciplinary case amidst helping you with the case, you are justified in immediately firing them.


These are four justified reasons why you should fire a lawyer if you feel they will jeopardize your case. However, before doing so, ensure you review the contract and let the court know. It would help if you also were prepared with another better lawyer to continue with the case