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Trip to the top most stunning places of Switzerland

The name of the place “Switzerland” itself comes up with a picture of spectacular snow-covered Alps, ski resorts, Chocolate factories, and mediaeval castles in one’s mind. No doubt, it sounds awesome, right? Planning a Switzerland trip and witnessing the marvellous bustling cities, ravishing scenery, and plenty of astonishing scenic lakesides, stunning landscapes, and villages. You just can’t disregard the dreamlike vacation destination when you think of a vacation to Europe. The country’s utmost beauty and elegance will amaze you and will surely intend you to visit several times. The Switzerland trip will introduce you right to green meadows, pristine blue lakes, magnificent wooden villas, majestic Alps mountains, picturesque landscapes, and many more vibrant and beautiful attractions where you can make a perfect vacation. The city’s each and every location has its own enticement and charisma to offer and make visitors feel the country is heaven on earth.

From buzzing nightlife in Zurich to wandering the city’s famous attractions and natural wonders, the Switzerland visit also includes things like a road trip along the Swiss Alps, enjoying the views of the Golden Pass Line, a visit to Matterhorn, Swiss National Park, and Chateau Chillon. During this trip, get to taste samples of Swiss cheese, lavish wines, chocolates, shop from many famous street shops, enjoy a cruise on Lake Zurich and spend days exploring and visiting many Museums and Old Town monuments.

Road trip along the Swiss Alps:

The Switzerland tour package from India includes a beautiful thing to experience which is the road trip along the Swiss Alps. Once you experience the road trip, it is going to be a memorable and unique experience for your lifetime. The best thing about the road trip to the Swiss Alps is the views of it which make visitors even more excited and enjoyable. It would feel absolutely out of the world while driving through the Swiss Alps and visiting many other destinations such as Valvoline, Saint-Luc, Montreux, and Veonnaise along the way. This is a great activity to do with your family and loved ones and cherish memories of hidden gems of the world.


Closely located to Zermatt, Matterhorn is one of the famous attractions in Switzerland. Head to the iconic pyramid-shaped peak and capture all sorts of pictures of imposing a natural spectacle in real life. There are many countless viewpoints which you can choose to admire the mountains and witness the summit reflection in a mountain lake. You can reach various peaks by cable cars such as the Gornergrat, the Klein Matterhorn, or the Rothorn up there and enjoy the ride passing through vast landscapes, and the majestic panoramic view of the mountain. Apart from the view, the place is also widely known for its ski resorts which add beautiful memories to the thrill of travelling through the Matterhorn.

Enjoy the views of GoldenPass Line:

What can be more pleasing and admirable than walking through the GoldenPass Line and enjoying the scenic views as this special attraction is considered one of the most beautiful routes in the whole city? While a train travels from Lucerne to Montreux, along the way you’ll see incredible natural beauty such as lakes of the Bernese Oberland, waterfalls, the Simmen valleys, upper-class Gstaad, and Lake Geneva. The GoldenPas Line is an absolute tourist-oriented and the most picturesque panoramic train route that connects central Switzerland with Lake Geneva. From witnessing the top of Europe, its historic cities, scenic lakes, and great landscapes to the glaciers covered peaks and glaciers of the Alps, you’ll experience a great train journey ever!

Swiss National Park:

When you’re in Switzerland, it will be unfair if you miss out on visiting one of the world’s oldest national parks in the Alps named Swiss National Park. Quaintly located in the canton of Graubunden in Switzerland, the park is spread over a very large area with all its charm. Here you’ll get to see countless wild animals such as chamois, marmots, golden eagles, ibex, and bearded vultures. It’s the best excursion destination for children and families to spend a good time and immerse in the wilderness of the National Park by going deep along the hiking paths and nature trails. The excursions here are formulated and aimed to encourage families and children to discover more about the environment through many ways like the Champlonch children’s trail, and many plays.

Chateau Chillon:

Chateau Chillon is one of the other most special destinations in Switzerland for activities to do. Located on a rock on the banks of Lake Geneva, Chateau Chillon also renders beautiful views of mountain ranges along with being known as the house of historical palaces. Tourists get a chance to explore the ancient vaults of Chillon Castle on the shore of Lake Geneva. Once you are here, don’t forget to visit the water castle, one of the most visited historic buildings in Switzerland.

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