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Types of ladders and key factors to consider when purchasing a ladder 

Ladders continue to evolve daily due to their increased demand as household items. Some of the uses of a ladder in a house are fixing bulbs, gutters, televisions, and fans, among other services. For either of those purposes, ladders will provide safety while performing the tasks.

A ladder is an elevation tool specifically useful for accessing unattainable heights. If you are operating at altitudes, you need to consider having a ladder. A fall will cause serious injuries that can have long-term detrimental effects. Herein I will highlight various types of ladders and their uses.

Step ladder

One outstanding feature of step ladders does not the need for a wall to lean on them. Consequently, you can use a step ladder in an open setup. We have two divisions of step ladders: a twin-step ladder and a front-step one, each having two facets. Concerning functionality, only one individual can climb a front step ladder simultaneously, while it is the reverse in a twin step ladder.

Multipurpose ladders

As suggested by the name, a multipurpose ladder will handle various tasks. The ladder is adjustable up to a certain maximum size in terms of height. However, they will need support as opposed to the step ladders. Its folding ability makes it easy to store and occupy the minimum space possible when not in use.

Extension ladders

Synonymous with straight ladders, extension ladders are the best for attaining high heights. Their major con is that they have to lean on a wall, a tree, or any other support object. The elevation angle must be wide enough to reach the height you want to achieve. Extension ladders for sale in Nairobi have a range of prices depending on the material, size, and other relevant factors.

What do you consider when purchasing a ladder?


Portability is a key factor to consider before making a purchase decision. Are you able to carry your ladder around by yourself? Will you need a vehicle to transport your ladder? Ideally, one should get a ladder that can collapse to enhance portability.

Your budget

When you make a purchase contract, you should have budget limits. Does the ladder-marked price lie within your budget? If so, does it satisfy your needs? Ideally, it would help if you got a ladder within your budget and can fulfill your needs.


Is there enough storage for the ladder’s storage? Is the ladder able to fold to achieve the minimum size possible? A ladder is an asset and therefore needs monitoring storage. Based on the ladder you intend to purchase, have well-designed storage space.


A warranty is an assurance that your ladder is durable and less prone to breakages. However, you should read warranty terms and conditions. What risks does the warranty cover? Avoid the risksthat the warranty does not cover.


The list of types of ladders is endless, like the factors you need to consider before purchasing one. Visiting a ladder dealer will help you choose the right ladder.