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If you are an avid movie watcher, you may be wondering where to find music for your movies. There are several options available for finding this type of music, and you will need to consider a number of factors before making a decision.

Identifying earworms

Earworms are musical hooks that catch your ear and then get stuck in your head. These songs usually have a short melody that is easy to remember, and may be annoying.

Research shows that earworms have a unique set of characteristics. This makes them a good subject for study. They can help us understand the underlying brain networks involved in music perception and memory. In addition, the research could be useful to advertisers and aspiring song-writers.

Researchers conducted two studies that explored the phenomenon. First, they surveyed 3,000 participants to find out what songs they were most likely to experience as earworms. Second, they studied a number of common earworm tunes to identify their melodic content and features.

The findings showed that the most common earworm tunes share several key melodic contours. Also, the effect was strongest when the song was related to a desire to sing along.

The study also found that earworms were most likely to occur when participants performed a non-full attention task. These tasks included a dual-task paradigm where participants performed a lexical decision task while listening to a song.

Licensing fees

One of the most important aspects of making a film is finding music. While it is usually a filmmaker’s responsibility to find and arrange music for their projects, there are certain steps you can take to ensure the music you use is legal.

Music licensing for films is a complex process that requires the cooperation of several parties. You need to get a composer or artist’s permission before recording a song. Moreover, you’ll need two separate licenses if you want to mix music with moving images.

When you’re looking for music, you can either buy stock music, which is similar to stock photos. These songs can be purchased for a low price, or you can try to negotiate a deal for a free license.

Another option is to hire a music supervisor. These professionals work directly with directors, producers, and editors, and manage the project’s entire music budget. However, they’re not always necessary.

Filmmakers may also have to hire an attorney or clearance expert to help them navigate the legal aspects of licensing. An attorney can help you negotiate with various copyright holders and can make the process easier.


When you’re looking for music for movies on Tunefind, you have a few options. You can search for the name of a movie, song, or episode. In addition, you can look for song lyrics online, or try Shazam.

Tunefind offers a large, regularly updated database of songs used in television and movies. This is based on the work of Music Supervisors, executives who select the music. They’ve also created a community voting system to ensure accuracy. Users can vote on the quality of submitted songs, and prevent cover versions and songs with the same title by different artists.

Tunefind has an active user base. It serves 30 million unique visitors each year. The site lists songs for all genres and upcoming episodes. You can create an account and receive alerts about new listings. Those who are interested can find a wealth of information on the site, including the names of Music Supervisors and the titles of TV shows.