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Unique Bedroom Decor Trends To Look Out For In 2022

After spending a majority of the last two years inside our homes due to a global pandemic, a lot of focus has shifted to how our surroundings impact us. With 2021 ending, a lot of unique bedroom trends are on the horizon that will liven up your space and give your bedroom a fresh new look. Let us take a look at these upcoming bedroom decor trends and how to incorporate them into your existing space.

1. Supersized Headboards

Grand headboard sizes have been a thing for quite some time now but their styles are constantly evolving with time. The glossy monotone textures and designs have been replaced by vibrant colorful matt patterns and the regular rectangle has become a thing of the past. A supersized headboard paired with the latest bed designs will totally revamp the look and feel of your room. Colourful, rounded, free-form asymmetrical pieces will lend an art-like look to your room and also make it look more spacious. You can find an upholsterer with headboard experience and discuss your ideas for shapes, sizes and fabrics before taking any decision.

2. Layers on Layers on Layers

The keyword this year is layering- whether that’s tonal variations of color or a mix of patterns that playfully explore a particular palette or simply having contrasting textures in one place. Adding small points of subtle detailing such as trimmed curtains or upholstery, reeded bedside tables, cushiony mattress, brass wall lights etc. These varying textures will add layers to your room and your sense of touch will be engaged. You can also pick a color  scheme and add subtle layers of different textures and fabrics if ostentatious is not your preferred style.

3. Bring In Colored Furniture

Introducing colored furniture in your bedroom will make it easier to switch up a neutral space. This works particularly well for bedrooms where children may grow out of, or get tired of, particular colors and pieces. Incorporating colors like rich greens, deep browns, cool toned blues will help your space look more sophisticated and royal. Adding color to carved wooden furniture or textured curtains will instantly amplify the look of your room. Experts recommend adding colored highlights to pieces of furniture will provide an elevated element to your room.

4. Build Smart Storage

Storage is an integral part of any design process as it aims to clear the clutter and create a calm and restful environment. Intricately designed storage spaces, fitting into the furniture itself saves space and looks aesthetically pleasing.  It gives the room a neater finish, making it more comfortable and welcoming. Fitted furniture can be designed with an expert by assessing your storage needs and the existing space in your room. Drawers hidden away inside beds, pull out mirrors on the side of almirahs are all great examples of efficient storage spaces. Choosing neutral shades with minimal detailing will make your room look more sleek and modern. Studies suggest that having a de-cluttered room also helps to improve the quality of sleep experienced.

While the classics always remain an option, opting for these decor trends will amp up your space. Various personalizations can be added to these trends making your bedroom a restful and relaxing sanctuary at the end of every day.