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What are the Different Types of Gold Lockets That You Should Know?

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People often get confused between the gold pendant designs and the gold locket designs. Even though they are similar, but have some common differences. With the gold lockets, you get the gold chain along with the pendant. So, it’s pretty obvious that you are getting the entire set without any hassle. There are a lot of great types of gold locket that you can find in the market.

It’s quite obvious that you might get confused with the options available in the market for gold lockets. If you are confused, then it’s better to ask for advice or check out some great options for the same. In this post, we are going to share some of the different types of gold locket designs that will help you with the buying process.

Types of Gold Lockets Designs

#1 – Oval Lockets

The oval lockets are pretty common in the market, as they are made with gold and might have the oval-shaped gemstone. Mostly the Ruby and emerald are used in such gold lockets. Such oval lockets with gemstones are considered exotic gold jewellery in the market. The oval lockets are pretty simple in the design as the majority of the work is done on the gemstone itself.

#2 – Expanding Locket

Those who are willing to put the photos of their loved ones in the locket should check out the Expanding gold lockets. The expanding gold lockets are made with fine gold parts, which make them open and close with elegance. You can store the small photos inside the case and open them to show them to others. Expanding gold lockets are pretty fragile and should be worn by responsible adults only.

#3 – Clear Lockets

The Clear Gold lockets are usually made with crystals or diamonds. These lockets have a clear pendant and are made with a gold chain. Sometimes, white or rose gold is used in making such clear gold lockets to complement the looks of the same. The clear gold lockets suit the best of ladies with western dresses.

#4 – Religious Gold Lockets

When it comes to the latest gold jewellery designs like the gold lockets, the religious aspect is to be considered. There are a lot of people who prefer wearing religious gold lockets. With the gold lockets, it becomes easier to pray to the faith of our preference and have the constant watch of the supreme lord over us. You can find the religious gold lockets of almost all of the religions or get one customized according to the needs. The religious lockets can be religious symbols, photos of the gods, sayings or anything else that signifies the religion.

Final Words

It’s always better to get the gold lockets than just getting the pendants. When it comes to the real value, only the gold lockets are considered the best. If you are looking for the best gold lockets for your needs, then it’s pretty easy to choose from the provided types of lockets.