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What are the Different Types of Plug-and-Play Industrial Connectors Commonly Used?

The connectors are the core of every piece of machinery. Without the connectors, no machine can receive/send the power and data. Well, due to the same connectors, the entire internet is set up. When it comes to the big industries, connectors are considered as one of the major things. With the industrial connectors, the huge machinery in the factories, plants, and even in the offices are connected. Even the moving vehicles have multiple connectors that you might not even know.

As we all know that there is quite a wide variety of industrial connectors prominent in the industry. If you are an Engineer, then it’s essential to understand the different types of connectors. The new generation of connectors, which are Plug and Play industrial connectors, are being preferred over the other ones. In this post, we are talking about the Plug and Play Industrial Connectors, which are commonly used by engineers for connecting the systems and the machinery.

Types of Industrial Connectors

#1 – Circular Connectors

When it comes to the most commonly used connectors, the name of the circular connectors comes up. With the circular connectors, one can connect a whole lot of machinery to provide the power or connect them to the controlling systems. The circular connectors are widely used in all industries, including the aerospace industry, to connect the micro-components of the aircraft.

#2 – Ethernet Connectors

For the systems that require an Internet connection, Ethernet connectors are used. When it comes to the industrial setting, everything is wired for reliability, and no WiFi network is used for the critical systems. The Ethernet connectors like the RJ45 connectors are used to connect the servers and the big machinery to the local network. The RJ10G are the special 10GBPS cables, which support the super high-speed communication between the system and are specially used in industrial applications.

#3 – Heavy-Duty Electric Connectors

For delivering the power to the high-end machinery, special connectors have to be used. With the Heavy Duty industrial grade electric connectors, the devices can be easily connected. As the connectors are industrial grade, the voltage support is very high, and the machines can easily get the power they want to run optimally. Also, the rugged build of such electric connectors makes them easier to use in outdoor or harsh conditions without worrying about replacing them often.

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#4 – Rectangular Connectors

For the machinery that requires to be connected with the other machinery or the local system, rectangular connectors are used. For example, the huge printing machines are connected with the local system for printing instructions with such connectors. The rectangular connectors make it easier to add more contact points, which makes it easier to pass the signals to the system with ease.

Final Words

If we start to look for the types of industrial connectors, the list won’t end at all. There are a ton of useful industrial connectors that you might find in the industries. In this post, we tried our best to share detailed information about the commonly used plug-and-play industrial connectors.

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