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What is a Smart Mattress?

If you’re a sleep enthusiast, you may be wondering, what is a smart mattress? The technology is becoming increasingly advanced, ranging from dual climate zones to health monitoring. These devices are controlled by your smartphone.

Temperature Control

A new Smart Mattress is on the horizon, and the company behind it says it will help couples sleep better together by providing two separate temperature zones. The Climate360 mattress, dubbed the “smartest mattress on the market,” will feature phase-change materials and advanced textile surfaces to manage temperature. These materials will also work with a ducting system to help regulate heating and cooling. Temperature-regulating materials will also track your heart rate variability, circadian rhythm, and breathing, and automatically adjust the temperature in your bed.

The temperature of a smart mattress is important, especially for those who sleep in very cold or hot rooms. Many people will unknowingly raise their temperature before bedtime, which can cause a restless night. Luckily, temperature-controlled mattresses can solve this problem. They can even connect to other smart home devices, which allow you to trigger different home devices without getting out of bed.

The technology helps the mattress automatically adjust temperature throughout the night based on the environment and user preferences. The temperature can be set to 12 degrees in the summer and 100 degrees in the winter, and also try to keep the mattress clean for its better performance.

A smart bed is the ultimate luxury for athletes. Proper sleep fuels more energy and prepares the body for new muscle growth, which will increase athletic performance. Many smart beds today incorporate temperature control features to help athletes recover quicker from strenuous training.

Sleep Tracking

A smart bed can detect a person’s heart rate by measuring the pressure distribution. It then controls a pump that inflates the airbags to change the support point’s hardness accordingly. In addition to detecting a person’s heart rate, the smart bed can also detect the pressure distribution of the body. This data can be used to optimize the product for the person. Sleep tracking on a smart mattress could benefit clinical users.

While the smart bed features independently adjustable air chambers, the technology is not without its drawbacks. While a couple may prefer a firmer or softer mattress, a smart bed will adjust the firmness level of the air chambers to ensure each person sleeps in the correct position. Moreover, the smart mattress comes with five ergonomic body zones for each side. So, a smart mattress is not just comfortable for one person but also for a couple.

You can check your data using the app that comes with the mattress. With the help of the app, you can learn which mattress works best for you and how to improve your sleep quality. Besides that, a smart mattress can have dual zone heating and cooling systems. You can program the device to warm up or cool down your mattress at specific times.

A smart mattress that has built-in sleep tracking is better able to give you accurate results than one that has third-party sleep monitoring devices under your bed. The latter is less accurate as it is less comfortable and may not be able to account for differences in the structure of a bed and your body’s movement. A smart mattress isn’t as expensive as it might seem, and it will provide a lot more functionality and precision.

Intelligent Alarm System

A smart mattress is one of the most advanced sleep aids in the market today. With an integrated sleep monitoring system, it can detect if you aren’t getting enough sleep or if you’re snoring.

Some smart mattresses come equipped with an intelligent alarm system. These smart mattresses come with built-in alarms for either the morning or the night. Those who need to wake up at a specific time will find this feature invaluable. Another smart feature is the sleep tracking, which can monitor the duration of your sleep and how long you were in deep sleep. If you want to know whether you’re getting enough sleep, you can set an alarm for a specific time and use the information to adjust your sleep. Also choose mattress firmness for better sleep.

Health Monitoring

A smart mattress with integrated sensors can detect health conditions such as pressure ulcers and heart conditions and inform caregivers about changes in pressure. This technology has been developed by a lab in Germany that specializes in organic and printed electronics. The smart mattress cover can also monitor temperature, noise, and light levels. Ultimately, these features could reduce the risk of pressure ulcers and improve patient care. However, these technologies still have a long way to go before they can become a mainstream product.

The concept has multiple applications and requires partnerships from different sectors, including healthcare monitoring and data analytics. However, the team behind the pressure-sensitive mat is confident that the technology holds great promise for older adults. They envision a bed that sends daily reports to caregivers, allowing them to intervene at the earliest signs of problems. In short, a smart bed could be like a 24-hour bedside nurse.

What You Should Look For in a Smart Mattress?

A smart mattress can be a lifesaver. With over 40 million people suffering from chronic sleep disorders, getting enough sleep is essential for our health. However, sleep quality is still an issue for many people and many smart mattresses integrate with other smart devices. Some smart mattresses also connect to thermostats, part of the Internet of Things. Depending on the features of the smart mattress, it may save you money and energy. These devices may be useful in many situations, but you should make sure you know what you want from them before you choose a mattress.

One of the most popular features of a smart mattress is body monitoring. Unlike conventional mattresses, these products monitor your breathing, body temperature, and heart rate. Some models even connect to smart home devices, so they can automate tasks such as brewing coffee or stopping snoring. Ultimately, a smart mattress should offer you convenience, but it will still have some limitations.


The benefits of a smart mattress go beyond adjusting the temperature and firmness throughout the night. Some smart beds have special audio settings that allow you to wake up to the sound of your favorite music, a relaxing meditation program, or a loud alarm. Some even connect to your home stereo system. Buying a smart mattress is an investment, but a quality one will pay off in the long run.