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What Is the Difference Between Gardeco Chiminea and Pyramid Patio Heaters?

Gardeco chiminea and pyramid patio heaters are a must these days. Every home that has sufficient space opts for either of these. In this article we are going to jot down the differences for both chiminea and pyramid patio heaters. You will come across many websites such as garden and patio where you can find good-quality chiminea and patio heaters. Visit here for more information. 

  • Gardeco chiminea 

It is also given another name, the spelt chimnea. Chiminea are considered as a powerful source for providing traditional warmness through the help of a contained heat. These are perfect for your outdoor garden or patio. We know that winters are here and everyone loves to sit out at night and get themselves cozy warmth. A traditional chiminea is a perfect option. 

Types of chiminea 

  • The first choice is the sand cast iron chiminea. It is highly recommended because it is a lot stronger than we can imagine. It is also pretty robust. The reason for these two features is that the casting is about 6mm thick. This makes it a heavier option and best in terms of insulation. 
  • Second comes the die cast iron chiminea. The cast thickening in this case is 2mm. This means that it is less heavy as compared to sand chimnea. And though it produces a lot of heat, it tends to make a way out for the heat through the walls.
  • If you are looking for something modern and fashionable then steel chiminea are a great option. 
  • In the end the most authentic and traditional type is the clay chimnea. It is made through hands and the material used for its creation is terracotta clay. It has been in use for the last 40 years in the garden space of numerous people. 

How much of an area the chiminea will heat?

There are three things over which it depends. It depends on the size of the chiminea, the amount of fuel and the material from which it is being made. If your chiminea is large size wise it will burn a lot of fuel and therefore it will produce a lot more heat than we could imagine. Your garden space will become pretty cozy for us. 

  • Pyramid patio heaters 

Pyramid patio heaters are a modern thing or tool to warm up your garden or patio space. These are also called modern outdoor patio heaters. They are pretty attractive and add great ambience to the area as well.

The fuel types for patio heaters 

The first type which is considered convenient is the electric fuel patio heaters. They use 120volts power and come with a heating bulb to provide warmth to the area. Another great point is that you can use these in closed spaces as well. The only disadvantage is that you might not see many plugs outdoors to plug these in. 

Next option is the propane gas patio heaters. Propane gas provides instant heat but requires a gas tank of either 20 or 40 pounds. Propane gas tanks require maintenance and are not ideal for closed spaces. 

The most favorite option is the use of natural gas for patio heaters. Natural gas is a perfect option to provide heat and to cozy up your area in the garden. They also make the process less costly too. But you need to connect the heater with a natural gas pipeline. And you need a plumber. Once attached you can’t shift it here and there like propane gas heaters. 

Outdoor patio heaters style 

  • Fire pits 

Fire pits are common. And these use propane gas tanks of 20 pounds. The tank is stored into the base and is not visible to the eye. It also has a control panel and helps to adjust flames of the patio heater. 

  • Ground heaters 

Ground heaters are perfect for outdoor commercial spaces. These are tall and slim enough to fit in. They provide a great amount of instant heat to the area. You can place these tall and thin heaters over swimming pool parties or any other outdoor event. 

  • Tabletop 

People who love small pieces of heating, for them tabletops are a wonderful option. These are like heating lamps. You can place them outdoors and they will give you a generous amount of warmth and you will love it.