What is the procedure for filing a worker’s compensation claim? Seattle

The very fact you want to file a compensation claim is that something at work has injured you. If you are badly injured or slightly injured, you have a right to compensation. If you are an employer and are reading this, you play a role in getting a worker their compensation. In Seattle, this is the procedure to file a compensation claim which you could also do with the help of a Seattle construction site lawyer.

First Step (Inform your employer)

If you are injured, you are supposed to inform your employer. You have probably been injured by slipping on the wet floor or cutting your hand against a sharp object. Whatever the injury may be, please report it as soon as possible. If you pass the date of reporting the injury, you will not get any compensation. 

Next Step (Your employer makes you fill a form)

After letting your employer know about your condition, you will be made to fill out a worker’s compensation application to register your issue, depending on the severity of the issue. Your employer will help you in this process. As an employer, you should be including the worker’s compensation insurance in your clause or rules because the failure to do so could end up getting you into a lawsuit. 

Third Step (Reporting your injury)

Here, your employer does this for you. He submits your claim to the worker’s compensation insurance. In addition, you would also have to submit a medical report proving that you have sustained these injuries. In addition, it is necessary to report your injury to the state division even if you are not seeking any compensation.

Finally (Accepting the application or claim)

Finally, your application gets accepted. You are covered for your medical bills or physiotherapy, other medical expenditures, or you are given a lump sum and can spend it wherever you wish. If your application gets rejected, do not lose hope you could resend your application or file a complaint with Seattle’s compensation board. 

Return to work: 

Once you have completely recovered, you can return to work and enjoy the compensation benefits. You would, however, have to give written notice to your boss and the insurance company as to when you are starting. There are also permanent disability benefits for those with a handicap. This article would nevertheless help you to understand the process better. 

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