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What is the Timeline to Sue at-Fault Party after a Car Accident?

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Every lawsuit has a time restriction, which the plaintiff has to follow. However, it may vary from one state to another as well as the subject of the case. In personal injury cases, the timeline may be two years and above depending on the nature of the injury. It is important to contact a Seattle personal injury attorney to know your options after you have met with an accident. He will be able to carefully assess your case and guide you accordingly.

The need for a timeline

The time limitations in a personal injury claim are set for a few reasons as mentioned below:

  • The legal processes are more orderly if there is a time limit for filing the case
  • The number of unjustified claims for personal injury can be reduced or eliminated completely 
  • It prevents the court from getting messy with personal injury claims

The at-fault party may shift from one place to another if it takes several years for an injured person to file the case. That’s why the plaintiff has to file the case as soon as possible. With a defined timeline, everyone can live a peaceful life. For instance, you might be involved in a road accident during your college days and the victim may sue you after 20 years when you have a family including kids. Things will get uglier and more stressful.

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Protecting the rights of a victim 

In many cases, the effects of a road accident are not noticed immediately. In case of an internal injury, medical attention is required after several weeks. An injured person will be able to produce the medical reports and proofs at that time. It will affect his personal and professional life after some time. A good example of this type of injury is the spine, neck, or back injury. These injuries will come to the surface within three years of the accident.

Take your time but don’t delay it

After you have met with an accident, it is a good idea to take time to prepare your case and work with an attorney. However, you should not pass the timelines as defined by the state laws. An attorney is familiar with the time constraints and should be able to guide you better.

It is also important to know that wrongful deaths have different timelines. A qualified attorney will tell you about the number of years in which you can file the claim.

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