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What is the use of WhatsApp Chatbot for a company?

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For the past few years, WhatsApp Chatbot has been on the rise. Businesses are increasingly turning to this solution because it has many benefits for customer relationship management. If you have an online business, you know how important it is to be available 24/7 for your customers. However, you can’t be online all the time, and that’s where WhatsApp Chatbot comes in.

What is a WhatsApp Chatbot ?

A chatbot is a computer program with or without algorithms for automating tasks. It is created by a person, individual or professional, and its role is to interact with visitors. Its main function is to make a conversation with the visitors of a website or an instant messenger. In this way, it is a real help for the customer service and contributes to the improvement of sales.

In this respect, a WhatsApp Chatbot is a chat program specially designed to be used in the WhatsApp application. This way, those who offer their products online manage all the conversations more easily.

Speed and efficiency

WhatsApp Chatbot have the special feature of being able to analyze a large amount of information in a short period of time. When the visitor makes a request, the program finds the answer or, if not, immediately forwards the request to a human agent. In this way, there is virtually no pause between the time the question is asked and the time the answer is provided. When the conversation is smooth, fast and satisfying, visitors form a good opinion of your company. This sets you apart from your competitors.

Highly appreciated availability

A business run by humans has opening and closing hours, because even if it is possible to work overtime, there will inevitably come a time when you are busy sleeping. In these moments, your visitors’ messages are forced to wait and a customer in a hurry can quickly turn to a competitor to satisfy their needs. In this respect, WhatsApp Chatbots are a great asset. They handle requests regardless of the time they are made, as they are available 24/7.

Thus, a satisfied customer leaves happy and will not hesitate to recommend your services to his friends. Moreover, the WhatsApp Chatbot collects information that allows you to better understand your prospects to fine-tune and make your marketing strategy more successful.

Save on operating costs

Have you wondered what the world’s largest companies are making financially by using Chatbots? Well! You should know that statistics show that this artificial intelligence allows them to reduce their operating costs by 30%. In fact, a well-optimized Chatbot can handle about 80% of all customer queries. These savings are not yet part of what they allow the company to gain through boosting sales. This means that a WhatsApp Chatbot allows you to boost your sales.

A safe way to inform your customers about your news

A WhatsApp Chatbot allows you to inform your customers in real time of all your current promotions and offers. You know how frustrating it can be to not be able to reach your prospects when there are new offers. Set up your WhatsApp Chatbot so that it can inform your visitors about company news, once it sends you a message. As you can see, a WhatsApp Chatbot not only facilitates the user experience, but also helps to develop your business.