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What to consider before buying an oil press machine

An oil press machine is mostly used to extract oil for commercial and home use from oil-containing ingredients such as sunflower seeds, palm kernel, and peanuts among others. Oil presses can be used commercially to produce edible oils for business purposes or can be used at home to extract oils from seeds. This article will focus on what you need to consider when selecting one.

Materials used

Considering the material the machine is made of is important because it gives an idea of how long the machine will last. It will also assure the user of how well the machine will be able to function continuously. Most oil press machines have stainless steel body material, which can be long-lasting, perform better, and appear pleasant.

Temperature Control function

It is important to know whether the temperature of the machine can be automatically controlled or not. An oil press machine whose temperature is automatically controlled uses an electric heating coil to heat the press. This way, it makes the pressing procedure quicker, reduces energy consumption, and controls machine wear. On the other hand, a traditional oil press machine will rely on friction betwixt oil seeds to increase its temperature gradually.

The capacity of the machine

The capability of the extracting machine is important for efficiency purposes during oil extraction. The size varies from single output to large depending on whether it is for home or commercial use. Therefore, one should select a machine that will fit their yield requirement.

Security and Convenience while operating the machine

One should check that the press safeguards are secure enough and that the machine is not easy to remove. Ensure they are in a good condition and easy to use to prevent injuries. The oil press machine price in Kenya is affected by how secure and convenient it is to fulfill its purpose. If one does not understand the machine structure execution and operational routine, they should not start it without guidance or permission.

Design and Functionality of the machine

This is important because it will play a pivotal role in the improvement of oil yield. It also helps to minimize costs. Auto-loading oil extraction machines work well for commercial ventures. Also, auto-temperature machines are outfitted with electric warming tubes inside the cage to hasten the oil extraction process. It is important to know what you need the machine for to ensure it functions well to meet your needs.

Research to find the best manufacturers and suppliers

Ensure you identify the most cost-effective and reliable manufacturers. Given the numerous manufacturers, this will ensure you get all the elaborate specifications that meet your specific needs. It also saves on cost.


There are many reasons why people are opting for an oil press machine, whether for home or business use. It is important because it ensures a high production of oil within a short time. They are also economical and easy to use, saving on time.  Therefore, users should follow the above considerations to ensure the machine best fits their purpose and meets the desired oil yield.