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What to Consider When Buying Grain moisture meter

Most grain stores in Kenya primarily get their supplies from local farmers and the quality of these grains has to be determined before acceptance. Assessment of the amount of water in them is one of the practices involved. This is done by the grain moisture meter. The prices of these meters keep changing.

Have you ever wondered why you meet different prices for the same product in a shopping store? Most probably yes. You might even have encountered his scenario when trying to purchase a grain moisture meter. Various undoubted reasons lead to this happening and they may be as follows.


The value of an object directly affects its price. The prices of two similar commodities but of different values differ. The less valued one tends to be less costly compared to the other. This also applies to the grain meter prices. In case of fluctuations in prices, the protocol of pricing still relates.


A grain moisture meter obtained from the far east countries of the globe to Kenya will have greater prices than that from the middle east countries, as long as their quality is constant. This is because the shipping costs would significantly apply. This explains why the origin of a grain moisture meter makes its prices vary.


The initial set price by the manufacturer affects its final price tag done by the retailer. An initial high set price would lead to a higher retail price since everyone down the line would wish to earn that profit. The attempt to regulate these prices by the manufacturer n relation to the economy explains the fluctuations of the grain moisture meter price in Kenya.

Level of the sales store

Buying a commodity directly from the manufacturer is less costly than buying from a small-scale retailer. This perfectly applies o the grain moisture meter, though getting from the manufacturer in most cases only happens when buying the items in bulk. So buying one or two from them is difficult.

Location of the retailer in the country (Demand)

A grain moisture meter retailer located in an area where its demand is low will tend to lower the prices to motivate the buyers to have that reason to acquire one.

Equally, if the location is in a place where the demand is high, the cost will also be hiked; it’s just how business works.

Government regulation

The county government could regulate the price of given commodities making its price differ from those of other counties.

Retailer’s intention

Some retailers would want to obtain a higher profit, hence would tag their selling price higher. This could be probably due to the high standards of the sales services of the retailer or even the just desire to grow fast in business.


Evaluating where and how to obtain a grain moisture meter at your determined price is the key. Not until the above factors are analyzed, more questions would keep pondering in individuals’ minds.