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What to Consider When Selecting a Die Stock

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A die-cast stock is a segment of paraphernalia that is essential in the operation of crafting, consisting of filaments on dissimilar types of rivets, bars, and tubes.

This article focuses on a structure that assists in keeping the wounding tools in order by providing a design that makes it able to place the cutting devices normally called dies which are needle-sharp and can cut into the alloy of the fastener or tube fronting with corresponding simplicity.                                          

Due to the increased level of industrialization, the demand for machines had increased gradually to fulfill the need to make work easier and meet the company’s production level. This fact has included the need for a cutting machine and especially a die stock.

Below are some of the factors that one should consider before buying one;


They are made from high-quality material for added durability. It is strategized for heavyweight engineering and facility usage. Its jagged creations mean that it is built to last and ready to endure years of heavy use. This element is an essential factor when considering the die stock price in Kenya.

Accuracy when cutting

The circular spilt dies have a proportion of adjustments. The two outermost fasteners help securethe die, making a substantially sizeable thread, solely unfasten the outerscrews and fasten the innermost screw. This accustoming is to let a fairer initial slit when threading, followed by a subordinate slit, when the outermost screws are fastened.


There are three varieties of die stock which include;adjustable die stock, quick die stock, and solid die stock.

Adaptable die stock has a consistent body and two grasps suited on each side of the body. There is a fastening screw on the body for the adjustment of the die used to clasp a two-piece die.

Quick die stock comprises a discoid frame and two clasps fitted on each side of the frame used to hold on to the adjustable screw plate die.

A solid die stock is assembled from a rigid slab of metal with a discoid body and two grasps suited on each side of the body. The frame has two sides and an inner screw to clasp and fasten the die. This die stock is applied to clasp the discoid solid and split dyes.

Some materials require special cutting machines, such as aluminum or copper. These metals are said to be non-ferrous.

Types of dies to be used;

They include; adjustable die, split die, plate die, solid die, pipe die, chaser die and Acron die.

A solid die is made in a single piece and its size remains. Split die accommodates large size differences. Adjustable die gives more than split die. Plate die is mostly used for making threads of less than 3 mm size. Pipe die is used for making a thread on a pipe. Chaser die is used in automatic machines. Acron die is used for cutting threads in depths.


This article defines the various considerations one has to make before purchasing a die stock machine; hence can be of great importance for reference.