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What to look for when buying a battery charger

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Forget the frustration of flat batteries by investing in a quality battery charger. The device helps prolong your battery’s life and saves you the hassle of going to a charging station. Buy one based on battery type, ampere and voltage rating, and your budget.

Why buy a battery charger?

If you have a rechargeable battery, you definitely need a charger. The charger optimizes the performance of a battery and makes it more powerful,increasing its durability.   Good quality chargers are the best as they don’t undercharge or overcharge your device, thus helping avoid costly consequences.


Battery chargers are categorized into two main types; manual and automatic. Manual ones charge the battery continuously at the selected setting until you disconnect them.They do not shut down or cycle alone; therefore,the charge level should be monitored. Disconnect once full to avoid overcharging, which can lead to explosion or fatal poisonous leaks.

On the other hand, automatic battery chargers stop charging when a battery is full and revert to maintenance mode. They do not cause overcharge; therefore, it does not interfere with battery safety and lifespan.

Batteries are also available in different types, such as slow, rapid, fast, and ultra-fast charges. This categorization is based on charging duration, with the latter taking the shortest time.r


The chargers should be compatible with the battery to be charged. Check the manufacturer’s site or a label located at the top or side of the battery to know the actual type and capacity of the battery. Now, look for a charger based on the information to ensure it can handle the type and capacity of the battery.


Price differs based on various factors. For instance, battery charger price in Kenya vary from seller to seller. So, you may want to consider the prices of different sellers before buying. Please remember that low-cost charges are not always the best as they may shorten battery life, costing you more in the long run.


Battery chargers can be used for charging or maintenance of the battery. Go for maintenance chargers if you need to recharge your battery occasionally and buy ones for charging for regular use. Some options perform both functions and are best if you want to save some bucks in the long run.

You may also want a charger specific to your needs, such as a waterproof option if using outside, multi-voltage travel chargers, or multi-bank for charging several batteries at a go.

Charger output

Buy a charger based on battery size. The output, i.e., Ampere rating should be at least 10% that of the battery.


Always opt for a quality battery charger though it might be expensive. Such options have safety features such as protection against short circuits, overcurrent, and over-voltage.


Apart from the price of the battery charger, focus on the quality, output, compatibility, and purpose to get a device that serves your needs. Please don’t fall into cheaper options as they can damage your battery costing you more than investing in a quality option.