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What’s so special about Samsung Air Conditioners?

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Here’s a new and unique way to cool your house. Create the perfect and conducive work environment and reduce electricity bills with the new Samsung Air Conditioner. You can now customize your AC power input from 40% up to 120% based on your needs. This article will enlighten you with all you need to know about Samsung Air Conditioner.

The primary function of any air conditioner is to provide a cooling effect. Now, Samsung has come up with an air conditioner that is efficient enough to cover all your cooling needs. The tool is not only efficient but also fit for your home.

Here are its features and capabilities:

Motion Detecting Sensor

The air conditioner has a motion detection sensor. It starts 5 minutes after switching on the AC power source. If it detects no motion for up to 20 minutes, the AC will automatically switch to the wind-free mode. This change helps save energy. If it does not detect any movement after 40 minutes, it switches to standby mode. But, as soon as it detects motion, it starts working as usual.

You can set the air conditioner to blow the wind towards you or away from you. The sensor also maps heat signals that help it detect human presence and blow the wind away from you.

Anti-bacteria and Dust filter

The high-density anti-bacteria and dust filter protect you from dangerous airborne contaminants that may be present in the air. It has an anti-bacteria coating for enhanced protection. This filter captures large dust particles, fibers, animal fur, or hair.

Initial Cost

Samsung air conditioner price in Kenya is favorably cheap to make it possible for you to own one. There are numerous dealers of this product countrywide.

Smart Wi-Fi control

Remotely turn on your air conditioner on and off. Isn’t this a thrilling experience? Indeed it is. You only have to install the Samsung Smart things app on your smartphone. This app will enable you to connect your air Samsung Air Conditioner to your smartphone.

You can also create your air conditioning mode. So, you can schedule your air conditioner to start any time you want it.

You can also monitor your power consumption level daily, weekly, or even monthly through your phone. You can also limit the power consumption to ensure maximum efficiency. This approach is very flexible.

Convertible 5 in 1 mode

Every mood has its mode. Samsung Air conditioner has 5 in one convertible mode. Whether you are hosting a big party at your place or chilling with your friends and family members, the air conditioner helps you control power input as per your cooling requirements. The modes are available as follows:

120% Party Mode

100% Normal Mode

80% Pleasant Mode

60% Eco Mode

40% Home Alone Mode

Ideally, Samsung Air Conditioners will solve all your cooling problems. These air conditioners are not only made to give you a mind-blowing experience but also to save energy. They show a high and intact level of efficiency.