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When Martín Palermo missed 3 penalties in a single match

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Martín Palermo was an excellent and prolific Argentinian striker who was particularly famous for his brilliant years at Boca Juniors. As he was so successful in the Argentinian league, it was logical that he would be considered for his national team. The 1x Bet website features all the matches of the highly competitive Argentinian football league and its national team.

However, Palermo played very few matches for the Argentinian squad. Between 1999 and 2010 he played 15 matches and scored 9 goals. The player could have had 12 goals rather than 9, if not for an infamous event that took place during the 1999 Copa América.

What happened in this match even reached the Guinness World Records. From time to time, there are other matches that also break records, and the 1xBet website has all of them for fans to wager on.

A match to forget

What happened on the 4th of July 1999, is something that Colombians will remember forever. However, the Argentinians would like to forget it. On that day, both Argentina and Colombia faced each other in the 1999 Copa América. Fans can 1xBet download everytime that the Copa América and other tournaments of this level are taking place. The Argentinian team had a pretty interesting squad. Some of its names included:

  • Juan Román Riquelme;
  • Roberto Ayala;
  • Diego Simeone;
  • and of course, Martín Palermo.

Colombia won 3-0. The goal were scored by Johnnier Montaño, Edwin Congo and Iván Córdoba. In addition to losing the match 0-3, the Argentinians, and especially Palermo, had a night to forget.

The Argentinian striker missed not one, not two, but three penalties. One of them hit the crossbar, another went too high, and another one was saved by Colombian keeper Miguel Calero.

There was even a story which claims that Argentinian coach Marcelo Bielsa wanted a different player to take the third penalty. However, apparently, Palermo still decided to take it, to see if he could redeem himself. But this was later denied by the striker.

However, by looking at even more global statistics, this match was a total disaster for penalty takers. Colombia also had two penalties for themselves. They scored one but also missed one. This means that out of 5 penalties in total, four were missed. Many people think that penalties are almost a guaranteed goal, but this match proves that this is far from true. By deciding to download the 1xBet app, they will be able to bet on the outcome of penalty kicks from the palm of their hands.