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Why Dog Bites Can Be So Serious

A dog bite has a dangerous bacteria infection that is harmful to the human body. If you are bitten by a dog, it is very important to wash the wound thoroughly as soon as possible to remove the bacteria from the body and reduce the risk to get infections. After the first aid, you should seek medical attention. You should also contact an experienced Georgia dog bite lawyer to seek advice on what to do after a dog bite since you are always entitled to compensation in case of a dog attack. Here are complications that make dog bites to be so serious.


The germs from a dog’s mouth can cause bacterial infections if the dog bite breaks the skin. There are common signs that show the infection may have spread to your body like headache, fever, sweating at night, and shaking. You may also experience some symptoms like itching and warm feeling around the wound, pain, and drainage from the wound among others.


If the dog that bite you had rabies, then you are to get this disease. It is a viral condition that can be fatal if left untreated. It affects your nervous system and can cause death after a few days. If you are bitten by a dog and you don’t know its rabies vaccination history then seek medical attention immediately.


Other dog bites may lead to sepsis. This may come with a lot of confusion, severe pain in the affected area due to the reaction caused by the germs, and sometimes high or low body temperature. The good thing is that it is treatable and the doctor will prescribe some antibiotics accordingly.

Nerve and Muscle Damage

A dog bite can cause muscle and nerves damage. Sometimes it may affect even the blood vessels. Never assume the infection whether the wound seems to be small or large. It is important to always consult professionals.


This is a serious infection also caused by a dog bite. You may feel muscle stiffness, cramping in the jaw, difficulty while swallowing and discomfort in the stomach. If you have not taken a tetanus vaccine then you need immediate medical care. It is only uncommon for people under routine tetanus vaccination.

Broken bones

A deep bite from a large dog can result in broken or fractured bones especially in the legs or hands. If you feel like your bone was damaged, you should see a doctor.


Some serious dog bite diseases may lead to death if left untreated. The number of deaths is low in adults compared to the high number in children below 10 years. Most dog diseases are curable and others preventive but you should not ignore any dog attack.

To Sum It Up

Dog bites can lead to dangerous bacteria in your body. Once bitten, always wash your wound with running water immediately and thoroughly to clean up those infections and then cover it with a clean piece of cloth or a bandage. This will reduce the rate of bacteria introduced into your body and prevent serious dog diseases. If you see any signs and symptoms of infection around the infected part, you should consult a doctor immediately.