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Why Mdf Boards are Popular in Kenya

The term Mdf is an abbreviation of the word medium density fibre-board. It is a material that is made as a result of breaking down softwood into small pieces and combining it with wax. The product is then exposed to high pressure and temperature. The end product of this whole process becomes a medium density fibreboard.

The major task of this article is to explain the advantages that Mdf boards have regardless of their cheap price.

Mdf boards have a very flat surface, making them excellent painting surfaces

Mdf boards are crushed incredibly compact using huge steel plates throughout the manufacturing process, resulting in extremely flat and smooth overall sheet. Mdf boards are suitable for painting, laminating, and gluing veneers because of this.

Medium-density fiberboard is a building material for kitchen cabinets, interior doors, and nightstands, to name a few. Because there are so many Mdf components, they will ultimately wear out and become chipped or dirty. You can resurrect these items by painting. You can also use Mdf boards to make new furniture that have a smooth and surface.

You can paint Mdf boards the same way you would paint other, less porous surfaces if you use conditioner products first. The compressed wood fibers produce a tighter link across the surface, the wide, flat surfaces of Mdf boards are easy to paint and it will require less sealing.

The uniformity of Mdf boards makes cut edges to look smooth.

Mdf’s uniformity and smoothness make detailed designs such as scrolled or designs easy to cut with a scroll saw, band saw, or jigsaw. The cut edges however seem smooth as a result of Mdf’s uniformity. In addition, you may use a router to make decorative edges.

It is environmental friendly.

Mdf boards are created from wood shavings, sawdust, and other wood scraps that would otherwise be thrown away. Mdf boards are a final product of recycled wood. Therefore, the production of Mdf boards does not require cutting down of trees. This therefore makes the product sustainable since its production does not need deforestation.

Mdf boards are durable

Regardless of the price of mdf boards in Kenya, the material lasts for a long time. This comes as a result of its compactness. Mdf (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a wood-based engineered material created by gluing wood fibers together using a synthetic adhesive. This makes the material more compact hence durable.

Mdf boards are resistant to termites.

Mdf is treated with unique chemicals during the production process to make it resistant to termites and other insects. Mdf is a type of artificial wood made by combining glue and pulped wood. The mixture is then pressed into a wood form.

Mdf boards are made up of a wood-glue mixture that contains far too much glue to be attractive to termites. They’ve been known to eat Mdf, but not much else. They are probably repelled to some extent by the high glue content. This feature of being able to resist termites makes the material unique.

In conclusion, Mdf boards have a number of advantages despite their cheap price in the Kenyan market.