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wooden window and glass room

In general, the frame of the wooden window is thicker than the frame of the metal window. But it will resist thermal conductivity better than a metal frame. and are usually manufactured from smooth, finely grained wood, which is stained or painted at the construction site. building a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน It will be popular because to save the cost of maintenance of the wood surface. We should coat or cover the wood surface with materials that are resistant to water, sunlight and give the surface the desired look.

There are many types and styles of window thicknesses and sizes. Depending on the nature of the design and each manufacturer Manufacturers generally provide models and specifications in a scale of 1½” or 3″ equal to 1′ 0″ (1:10 or 1:5 scale, respectively).

  • You can check directly with the manufacturer. To know more details about the window sizes and the size of the unfinished openings that must be prepared for the window assembly to be installed. While some manufacturers are able to produce the size as ordered by the buyer.

large window set It may consist of a fixed or open-close lighting section.

  • Each set of windows. They can be arranged vertically or vertically or side-to-side.
  • The omission of a vertical or columnar structure between the window sets. It reduces the cross length of the top and bottom jambs.
  • In the case of columns made of concrete Should provide internal reinforcement as well.
  • Special wooden window set. can be made to order or buy ready-made
  • trapezoidal pearl windows or rectangular

Wall frame size 2 × 6

upper frame

  • The lintel approximate size is large enough to accommodate the span of the window opening.
  • Interior material surface.
  • Interior lotus, size as required.
  • Internal compartment contains insulation.
  • Exterior wall decoration.
  • Leak-proof sheet above the 2″ tall drip lotus (51)
  • Wedge height ½” to ¾” (13 to 19)
  • You can check with the manufacturer for different sizes.


  • Sometimes it may be necessary to reinforce the frame to fit the thickness of the wall.
  • Bua Choeng closed the external seam.
  • The wooden frame is attached to the wooden tendon posts. It serves to prevent water and air from entering.

center ball

  • Screens are usually located inside the building. But it also depends on the nature of on-off specific addresses.
  • Waterproof and airtight eyebrows are installed around the edge of the glass trim frame. and the edge of the window
  • The joint between the jamb.
  • Windows should have one layer of glass. In cases where condensation is to be prevented, two or three layers of glass may be added. Alternatively, insulating glass may be used instead.
  • The top cut detail of the light above the door opening is similar to that of the centerpiece top.


  • Pad to increase the thickness of the jamb.
  • Interior lotus below
  • Interior wall decoration.
  • The ground extends to drip water to drain the water outside.

wall material

upper frame

  • Steel lintel surface
  • Sealant
  • Rubber rods and waterproofing materials.


  • A stick to attach the side frame to the side wooden tendon posts.
  • Rubber rods and waterproofing materials.

center ball

  • The center ball can be wooden or steel.
  • Reduces the length of the transom of the top frame.


  • Wedge height ¼” to ½” (6 to 13)
  • Outer slabs to drain water.
  • Continuous long seal with drainage holes.
  • The device has opened – closed or locked the window. But the type according to the needs of use

glass room

The glass room is usually on the veranda. or the area next to the building a mirror house building company รับสร้างบ้าน will use the method by partitioning the glass up into a room which has a direction facing the sun to receive sunlight and it typically serves as a thermal chamber of the Passive Solar system, in combination with a thin wall of masonry (brick, stone) or concrete to retain heat. Therefore, it may be necessary to install sun protection and ventilation systems such as windows and ventilation fans.

  • The glass room can be made with a wooden or metal frame. Currently, there are manufacturers coming out to sell ready to install glass and waterproofing sheets.
  • Ventilation fan can be installed on the roof or on the highest gable wall
  • Canopy or sunshade located along the slope of the gable. can work with remote control system
  • A push or sliding door may be on either side of the gable.
  • Awning or hinged windows can be installed on both the front and the sides for ventilation. There is also a ventilation pattern on the glass roof as well.
  • Metal seals.
  • Waterproof and heat sealing strip, foil surface type. The body is butyl rubber.
  • Anchors to support the rafters.
  • Install insulating glass by using baking sheet.
  • The cover trim is fixed with stainless steel or brass screws.
  • Waterproof and heat sealing strips. The surface type is foil. The body is butyl rubber.
  • rafters
  • Glass sealant filling material. or strong silicone
  • Neoprene-backed rubber rods
  • Metal seals.
  • If the glass room is not built for people to use. or the height of the roof ridge slope from the floor does not exceed 20′ (6,095) under the glass roof may not need to install a special grille net to prevent broken glass shards from falling intoIf You Need More Information Visit: worldtravelplace

Details of installation of glass openings on the roof

Border pattern

lift-up aluminum

  • Typical 4″ to 9″ (100 to 230)
  • The surface is covered with aluminum inside.
  • Aluminum outer covering.
  • Rigid insulating board.
  • 4″ (100) overlapping roof wings


  • At least 4″ (100)
  • At least 3″ (75) if using an angle bar.
  • thick wood
  • Inner finish


  • At least 4″(100)
  • Adjust the slope angle.

Details on the raised edge

  • Watertight rubber gasket (butyl)
  • Gasket rubber sheet (neoprene)
  • Gasket rubber band (vinyl)
  • Aluminum cover
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Drain holes at the corner for draining water.
  • Installation of the sealant.
  • Install double glazing.
  • Place drainage inside.
  • Waterproof filling material.


  • Sealant
  • rafters
  • Waterproof sealant, top sealant
  • Lock cover
  • Purlin
  • Single-layer glass or double-layer safety glass.
  • truss
  • Neoprene waterproof gasket strips.
  • Support rods
  • Internal drainage gutter.
  • drainage holes
  • Eaves
  • Anchor bolt
  • The bottom edge or wall.

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