Young Dolph Fatally Shot in His Hometown, Did His History of Rap Beef Contribute?

Young Dolph, a popular artist that hailed from Memphis, Tennessee, was gunned down this past week in his hometown, as he visited a locally-owned cookie shop he frequented regularly and supported.

Dolph (real name: Adolph Robert Thornton Jr.) was just 36 years of age and highly successful as a rapper with multiple projects that charted on the coveted Billboard 200 chart.

Despite his success, Dolph was engulfed in a number of high-profile rap feuds, which many speculate could’ve fueled the attempts on his life prior to this week’s shooting death.

Back in 2017, the rapper was targeted in Charlotte, North Carolina, when his bulletproof vehicle was shot at more than 100 times while he was in town for a scheduled show. Fortunately, he survived the shooting. At the time, a rap peer known as Blac Youngsta was arrested, along with two associates, were arrested for their potential involvement in the shooting, but were later released and the charges were dropped.

During his career, Dolph was involved in ongoing rap feuds with the likes of Soulja Boy and Blac Youngsta, as well as crosstown rival You Gotti.

Here’s a few of the questions.

Issues With Yo Gotti

Following the release of his first album, “King of Memphis”, Dolph had a public spat with Yo Gotti, some believed because of his album title, which Gotti regularly referred to himself as.

Dolph would go on Twitter and call Yo Gotti a “hater”, claiming he was one of his biggest supporters and even tried to sign him to his CMG record label. Because Dolph declined, he claims Gotti became jealous of his success.

In interviews, the two would diss one other, and would finally create songs aimed at each other and released to the masses.

In Dolph’s diss track “Play Wit Yo B**ch”, he took aim at Gotti and even hired an actor to play Gotti in the song’s music video. The day after the video’s release, his SUV was shot at.

Later that same year, Dolph was targeted while outside of Los Angeles’ Loews Hollywood hotel and shot. Apparently, Yo Gotti’s crew were staying at the very same hotel.

Despite the coincidence, Gotti was never mentioned as a person of interest in the Hollywood shooting.

Although both rappers exchange words in interviews and songs, Gotti claimed he and Dolph had no beef during an interview on The Breakfast Club in 2007. In fact, he says the two have never had a single argument ever.

Beef With Blac Youngsta

Blac Youngsta is another artist Dolph has issues with. Coincidently, he is signed as an artist to Yo Gotti’s CMG record label following the success of his breakthrough track “Heavy” in 2015.

He became involved in the issues between Gotti and Dolph after posting a video on social media, threatening to slap Dolph as he and Gotti traded disses in various channels.

Blac Youngsta would turn himself into authorities after being named as a person of interest in the North Carolina shooting of Dolph in 2017. He maintained his innocence, but he and his associates were hit with multiple charges related to the incident. However, the charges were dismissed.

In a song called “Birthday”, Youngsta accused Dolph of trying to set him up, saying Dolph had his own vehicle shot up to accuse him of the shooting.

He even called Dolph by his legal name saying he wanted him dead.

Youngsta later said he didn’t know who shot Dolph’s SUV.

Beef With Soulja Boy

Young Dolph’s beef with Soulja Boy wasn’t as serious as his other rap feuds, but the two did have words for each other. Their issues came to light on social media and made headlines in the days before Dolph’s fatal shooting.

On Instagram, Dolph made fun of Soulja Boy over claims he makes more money than him per show (more than $100,000) and is independent. He also said his own artist Key Glock has more jewelry and cars than Soulja Boy. In response, Soulja Boy called Dolph and accused him of lying about being independent when he, in fact, has a record deal with a label called Empire.

The two had a few words, but no physical confrontation that has been reported.

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