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Your Guide To Gifting Towel Sets For Festive Season

It should be a divine rule that whenever it is the festive season and gift-giving is expected on the cards, it should comprise of the following checkmarks.

  • Personal
  • Elegant
  • Luxurious

Gift-giving should come with the relief of having something to cherish and remember you by, all year long, or even longer, and not just for a few months. There are many ways you can be stylish with your present-giving, but nothing says more eloquence than gifting a thoughtful towel set for the festive season.

Here is a guide to gifting towel sets for the festive season:

Gifting Seasonal Towel Sets

1. Towel Baskets

You need to be aware that towel baskets are traditionally only given to couples during festive seasons. Fill a small basket with bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, and bath sheets, and you can either use a bow to tie the assortment or place the towels in different rolls to present them as a display. Ensure that the basket is sturdy enough to carry the arrangement.

You can even use a theme to go with the pamper baskets, one way to package gift towel sets. These custom-made baskets can contain many items of personal use, e.g., sunscreens, lotions, etc.

Another way to present a towel basket is to use the towels as wrapping bows and placing the bath accessories inside the arrangement.

2. Dedicated Towel Sets

Another excellent styling technique for a family or newlyweds is to print out their names on the towels. You can put the last name or the initials on each towel to mark them differently. For newlyweds, you can do the “His/Her” themed towel basket too.

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3. Towel Towers

You can stack towels in a basket to make towel towers. You can put different-sized towels and wrap them in a ribbon. You can also go with an arrangement of three towels. They can be bath, hand, and washcloth towels.

Start by folding the towels lengthwise in half, and pin them together to make a long row. Make three rows of towels and wrap them up with ribbons. Repeat the process for the hand towels and washcloths. Don’t forget to put a big bow on top of the towel tower. You can also make a tapered look towards the top to give it a pyramid look.

4. Towel Bouquets

If you have paper towels or small towels such as face towels, there is one other way of gifting it to your friends and family, and that is the towel bouquet style. Because the towels used in this design are more miniature, you can easily mold them into a bouquet arrangement. It is manageable to fit two towels in one bouquet arrangement, but you can fit as many as you like so long as the set-up stands on its own.

You can use trim, knitted dish towels for the edges. If they are embroidered, the border look would add more to the uniqueness of the arrangement.


Towel gifting makes it seem more personal, and can even make you seem like a caring, hygienic person. You can even give towels as gifts on other occasions such as housewarming parties, baby or bridal showers. Good thing is you can experiment with towel gifts: you can give someone a box of assorted towels of various sizes, or get someone a pair of personalized towel set.