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Your Guide to Marketing Your Beauty Salon Online

Whether you offer online services or not, marketing your beauty salon online is key to getting new customers. This is as most people look for a beauty salon near them or find them through online recommendations and referrals.

If your beauty salon doesn’t yet have an online presence, then you find that it’s difficult for you to get regular customers. The good news is that marketing online can be inexpensive while also efficient. The key to marketing your beauty salon online is to develop a strategy that helps you secure more customers.

How do you market your beauty salon online?

There are several avenues you can use to market your beauty salon online, such as social media, online directories, and even a website. It may take time for your to develop and establish a reputation for your beauty salon online. But with consistency and dedication, you’ll find that your online marketing strategy is far more helpful in getting you new customers than you could’ve expected.

Here is everything you should know about marketing your beauty salon online:

1. Build a website

The first step to establishing an online reputation for your business involved getting a website. Your website should be SEO integrated. SEO, also known as search engine optimization, consists in using keywords to ensure that your customers can target your business.

This means that when a potential customer types in ‘beauty salon near me into their search engine, your business should appear listed in the results. With proper use of SEO, you can ensure that your website is listed within the first few pages, or ideally, the first page of the results.

It would be best if you also learned how to use long-tail keywords, as well as geographic SEO, to ensure that locals looking for a beauty salon can find your website. Consider doing your research on what kinds of keywords people are using when looking for beauty salons. Google My Business is an excellent tool that can help you get your business listed locally.

Consider hiring a professional website developer to design your website for you. Even if you don’t offer online services, consider taking online appointments. This is as many customers are now turning to the internet to book their appointments at beauty salons.

2. Utilize social media

Social media can be your best friend when it comes to marketing your beauty salon online. Consider getting a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even a Twitter account for your beauty salon. These will help you reach existing and potential clients and engage with them directly.

Consider posting quality content, including pictures of your work, online. This will allow people to visually see and understand the different styles you can create for them. Since the beauty industry is a highly aesthetic industry, using the internet to create a visual portfolio for your business can help you get ahead.

Remember to post content regularly, and reply to any comment or query a user has. It can be time-consuming to periodically monitor your social media and to answer to everyone who is engaging with you, but the results can be rewarding.

3. Get listed on online directories

Once you’ve built your website and created your social media profiles, the next step is to get listed on online directories. This will help clients who are looking for beauty salons in your area to find your salon more easily. Ensure that all your contact details, and your beauty salon’s address, is listed correctly.

Ensure that you’re listed on all related local online directories as well, so you can expand your target audience within your geographic area as much as possible.

4. Target market

You can use targeted ad services such as Google Ads, as well as Facebook ads, to reach out to potential customers in your area. This helps you to define who your customers are and then let them know about your beauty salon and the services you’re offering.

Before you do this step, consider performing a consumer analysis. This involves doing your research on who your potential customers are, as well a what they’re looking for, from beauty salon services. This will help you to target your ads and also ensure that your customer can find your beauty salon more easily.

5. Offer incentives and rewards.

Incentives and rewards can help you attract new customers to your beauty salon. It can also help you secure returning customers. Some ideas for incentives and rewards include discounts and special offers.

You can offer an introductory discount for first-time customers, as well as for people during weddings or on their birthdays. You can even use a punch card system, where customers can get a reward, such as discounts or free services, with every tenth or fifteenth visit. This is also a good way of getting returning customers, as they’ll be more likely to return to experience their rewards. This can also help you increase the chance of referrals, in case they tell their friends and families.

6. Online testimonials and reviews

People often pore through online reviews and testimonials before visiting a service, such as a beauty salon. You can ask your existing customers, or those who liked your work, to leave a review after their service. Managing your beauty salon’s online reviews can help you get an edge against your competition.

The more people are saying positive things about your beauty salon, and the more likely new customers are to come.

7. Emailers and newsletters

Consider creating an email list that includes your existing and returning clients. From time to time, send them mailers and newsletters. These can consist of styling tips, news about the beauty industry, or special offers. This allows you to increase brand familiarity with your customers, which can, in turn, help you get more referrals from your customers.


These tips will help you to establish a name for your beauty salon online. However, there’s a lot more you can do to increase your brand visibility online as well. One of these steps is to create a blog or post videos about your services. You can offer simple styling secrets and let people know what they can expect when they visit your beauty salon.

Another step is to take advantage of seasonal special events, such as Christmas, or Mother’s Day, to offer special rewards to customers. When you market your beauty salon online, you’ll establish authority for your salon in due time. This can enable you to get a steady stream of customers through online appointments as well as drop-ins.

When you’re doing so much to get new customers for your business, don’t forget about protecting your business as well. As you run your beauty salon, you are bound to run into potential risk factors that could lead to disruptions in your industry. One way to protect your beauty salon against such risk factors is with the help of salon insurance. To know more about salon insurance, or skincare insurance, or cosmetic product insurance, click here.