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3 Benefits when Businesses Utilize Stickers for Marketing

Have recently stumbled across the term sticker marketing and are unsure how exactly businesses can increase their revenue through little adhesive-backed pieces of vinyl? Or are you on the hunt for new marketing strategies and want to know why you should give stickers a try?

Look no further, we are here to talk you through the three biggest benefits businesses can experience when using stickers and share how you can make these work for your brand. 

So without further ado, let us jump right in.

1. Reach new customers 

Logo stickers can be incredibly powerful and are an amazing tool to generate visibility for your brand. Marketing happens largely in the mind. We tend to choose brands based on a gut feeling. This gut feeling usually revolves around trust. 

Now, as a new business, it can be hard to establish that trust. What you can do instead is to create familiarity by spreading the word about your business within your target groups so that when potential customers make a purchase decision, your name will pop up.

To achieve this, we recommend handing out logo stickers at every given opportunity and watch your loyal customer base transform into brand ambassadors. 

Just imagine your logo being used as phone or laptop stickers and carried out in the world. Your visibility will grow exponentially, and a happy customer is right here to spread the word and sing your praises.

2. Generate positive emotions 

Besides familiarity, stickers can also help you forge positive associations between customers and your brand. The key to this is the psychology of gift giving. Since stickers tend to be incredibly cost-effective, you can add them to every order or hand them out with every purchase. You can even send them to influencers in your industry. 

Despite their low cost, stickers are incredibly appealing and when they are handed out, they are rarely perceived as an advertising tool. Instead, they are often seen as a gift. Gift-giving is a long-established strategy within advertising because it evokes a psychological reaction. 

This reaction is called the rule of reciprocity and describes our reaction when we receive a gift. Subconsciously, we feel the need to return the perceived favor. This can take the shape of a purchase, a post on social media or even a recommendation. 

And of course, a gift ignites positive emotions that can increase the likelihood of a repurchase and clearly distinguish your business from your competitors. If you want to give your customers the best experience, we recommend investing in vinyl stickers, which you can find right here. Vinyl stickers are incredibly versatile and resistant to scratches, sunlight and water, giving your customers ultimate flexibility.

3. Communicate your brand values  

You can often choose between various sticker materials. While this can be a little daunting at first, it is a great chance for you to represent your brand values and beliefs. 

But before we look at that, let us break down the options. You can usually choose between two basic materials: paper and vinyl. Paper stickers are ideal for short-term indoor uses like product packaging or postage labels. Vinyl stickers, on the other hand, are more resistant, making them perfect for outdoor uses where they can last up to three years. 

If you are selling a luxurious product, a premium holographic or metallic sticker can work wonders for your packaging and communicate the high quality of your product to your customers. 

Is sustainability one of the foundational beliefs of your brand? Then give biodegradable stickers a try. They are usually made out of paper, but some sticker printers offer great bioplastic options which look exactly like transparent stickers

We hope you enjoyed this little journey into the world of sticker marketing, and maybe we even inspired you to give it a try? If so or if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you in the comment section.