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A Mammogram Boise for Older Women- Things You Must Know 

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As found by studies, mammogram screenings are quite helpful for older women. For women who have already turned 40 or 50, it is high time to start going for mammogram screenings every year. As suggested by experts, they can continue this practice until they reach the age of 75. After turning 75, it is your healthcare team that may provide you with proper advice on whether to continue the screening or not. However, things are still unclear and require a lot more research. 

Looking for more details about mammogram Boise for older women? Check the points mentioned below: 

Age Is The Major Risk Factor

When it comes to breast cancer, age is the major risk factor. Older women are at a much higher risk of falling prey to this ailment. This is the reason why experts suggest women who are above 40 to go for a mammogram screening at least once every two years. But, apart from this, there are several other risk factors, and you must not miss out on them. 

Life Expectancy

Life expectancy plays a vital role in deciding upon the benefits of mammograms in older women. According to some studies, screening for more than ten years can negatively impact health. So, here the question comes- what about the women who have more than ten years of life expectancy? There is a lot more to be deciphered; let’s wait for more clear answers. 

Advice from Medical Experts is Important

It is very important for you to get advice from your doctor before going for a mammogram screening. They must ensure that you are in the state to go for the test. Also, they will let you know if you are at a higher risk of breast cancer. If yes, the doctor will provide you with a screening schedule you must follow. 

To sum up, you are unique in your own ways, and so is your body. When the question arises about mammograms in Boise, your body plays the most vital role. So, when the question is- Should I go for a mammogram screening? Let the health professionals have a look at your medical records, and let them find out if your body is okay with going through the screening. Want to make a decision all by yourself? It is a big No-No.