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Add Style to Your Room with Mirrors?

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Mirrors have the ability to make even the tiniest area look larger. If your home does not have a lot of space, properly positioned mirrors may make a room appear much more open and expansive. A larger mirror appears to add more space to a room. Thus, a floor-to-ceiling mirror will give the area a significant lift.

Adding a mirror to a space also makes a major stylistic statement. They look wonderful over a mantle, add immediate style to a home gym or dance studio, and may even be set outside to give the appearance of a larger yard. They are the ideal finishing touch for any area, and they compliment both modern and classic architectural schemes.

Types Of Mirrors You May Choose for Your Home

1. Pond Mirror

The Pond Mirror flows and bends in the spontaneous fluctuation of its inspiration, encapsulating and mimicking the fluid motion and natural form of water. The Pond Mirror’s mirrored glass is encased in a brass-plated frame, producing a one-of-a-kind ornamental mirror that is as visually appealing as it is useful. Hang each mirror size alone or arrange them together for a dramatic show.

2. Adorn Mirror

This full-size mirror is embellished with an attractive black brass mounting and is created with a specific reference to the world of jewellery. You may lay the mirror against a wall or hang it on a wall using the hooks on the back.

3. Tangent Mirror

The Tangent Mirror, with its noteworthy curved edges, misleads the mind into thinking it levitates from the wall. The mirror’s name refers to its unusual design, in which the surfaces are tangent to the radius of the bends.


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