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Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or have an established business, there is a big difference between having a security series in place and having no security series at all. The main difference is that having security series is a smart and effective way to ensure that you have the peace of mind that you need to be able to continue doing what you do in your business.


Founded by a team of cybersecurity industry veterans, Contrast Security is a leading application security platform company. Its self-protecting security software secures the applications of thousands of enterprises worldwide. Its modules monitor applications’ internal components, identify vulnerabilities, and give context-specific guidance for vulnerability remediation. It also includes an embedded runtime exploit prevention feature.

Contrast Security is committed to the advancement of application security through modernized security tools. The company’s software secures applications in the development and testing phases, enabling developers to write more secure applications. Its modules use an advanced threat detection technique known as “deep security instrumentation biographypark.”

Contrast Security helps companies secure their applications while development is in progress. Its agents are embedded in the data layers of apps and are deployed on every test server. This approach helps enterprises develop secure applications more quickly. It also eliminates false positives.

Contrast Security provides a single, integrated solution that can be used to assess and remediate vulnerabilities across the entire application portfolio. The company provides a single source of truth to identify, remediate, and prevent vulnerabilities, enabling both development and security teams to work more efficiently.


Using Contrast Security’s application security platform, organizations can quickly identify and remediate vulnerabilities within their applications. This helps to protect applications against cyber attacks in real time. It also eliminates false positives and allows development teams to write secure code faster. Embedding security directly into software allows developers to avoid the need for manual tests.

The company’s Protect solution helps mid-size companies protect against zero-day vulnerabilities. It also enables growth companies to defend against application security attacks. The company has experienced rapid customer adoption in APAC and EMEA. It has been named a major player in 2022 IDC MarketScape, a study that analyzes and predicts the future of enterprise IT. It includes vulnerability trends, code analytics, application security testing, and security debt.

The company has a strong customer base, including AXA, BMW, DocuSign, Google, SOMPO Japan, and the American Red Cross. Its capabilities include detecting vulnerabilities before bad actors and automatically reporting attacks.


Embedded code analysis technologies and the company that came up with them, Contrast Security, have received a hefty round of funding. This investment will help the company gain a foothold in the rapidly expanding cybersecurity space.

Contrast Security is among a slew of startups in the DevSecOps space that are bringing security to the forefront of the development lifecycle. Their suite of solutions provides code security, code analysis, and automated security testing for applications ranging from mobile apps to enterprise cloud systems. Their customers include Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Web Services. Their platform enables developers to get their code into production faster and with more confidence. Founded in 2014 by Jeff Williams and Arshan Dabirsighi, Contrast aims to give developers the confidence to deploy new applications, while removing the friction and snafus associated with security roadblocks.

The company has garnered attention from investors such as General Catalyst, Warburg Pincus, Battery Ventures, Acero Capital, and Microsoft’s M-12 fund. This hefty influx of capital will allow the company to execute on their laudable strategic plans.


During its last fiscal year, Contrast Security reported revenue growth of 157%. The Los Altos-based cybersecurity firm also grew its executive leadership team, introduced a number of new product offerings, and raised $150 million in Series E funding. As a result, the company is valued at more than $1 billion. This funding comes from a number of investors, including Battery Ventures, Genera, and Warburg Pincus. But Contrast has not ruled out strategic opportunities. Its CEO, Alan Naumann, has $250 million in capital. The company plans to use its Series E funding to expand its leadership team and introduce new product offerings.