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Conditions That Might Terminate Parental Rights

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Losing parental rights to a child can be challenging, especially if the parent unwillingly has to lose due to specific grounds laid down by the law. However, there are instances where a parent who cannot take care of their child might voluntarily abandon them at someplace and suddenly disappear from their life. In such cases, the child is left with nobody, especially in the case of a single parent. 

A divorce lawyers monroe nc can help legally terminate the parental rights of the parent who abandoned the child and transfer the child custody to the other parent instantly. It is still a lengthy procedure, but the child can be secured if the legal protocol is appropriate.

Some of the conditions that might terminate parental rights to a child:

  • Unable to provide adequate care

Unlike abandonment, there are genuine reasons where a poor parent cannot provide a basic lifestyle and necessary care to their child. In such cases, the parent can lose their parental rights since they cannot afford to care for their child.

  • Willingly not providing child support.

In the event of a divorce, several rights and claims are transferred. Similarly, child support is controlled by one parent after the divorce. If that parent hesitates and does not financially support the child’s growth and education, they can lose their parental rights if the custodial parent takes the case to court.

  • Parental abuse

It is evident that no abuse is tolerable and can be punishable by law, so if a parent abuses their child in some way or the other involving physical assault and torture and if it was reported to the court, it can be considered. The accused parent might also get their parental rights terminated.

  • Sexual assault

Similar to usual sexual assault cases, if a child is sexually assaulted by their parent, the parent might have to face severe consequences. Additionally, they will lose their parental rights immediately because sexual assault is usually strictly punished by the court.

You must know that there are common grounds that the court might consider in terminating parental rights to a child. This is possible in the case of an adopted child as well. If you have accidentally done something wrong and are unsure what to do next, reaching out to experienced attorneys can help since they can investigate and build a defense for you.