Content Seeding: Your Step by Step Guide

We all know that the power of content can move mountains. If you are able to write engaging content, you have the key to drive maximum traffic to your corporate site. In order to take the leading position in your niche on the market, you have to generate content on a regular basis.

Nowadays, a lot of opportunities are open in front of you as soon as you start publishing high-quality content on your site/blog. Digital marketing uses content seeding as one of its top strategic approaches for spreading information about the brand on different social media locations, permitting potential clients to reach it.

As a content creator you should connect with influencers who can use their popularity and social media connections to circulate your content and increase brand awareness.

Content Seeding in Details

Content seeding brings positive results if you post creative articles/posts on relevant sources. Your aim is to target networks with common interests and needs. If you do not connect with influencers due to a limited budget, you should focus your attention on social media websites/apps. People tend to trust content they found themselves or by recommendations of other people, rather than sponsored content or advertisements. Building trust with your target audience is vital.

What Should You Focus on with Content Seeding?

When you work with content seeding, you should focus mainly on convincing top industry leaders to verify your brand content and expand it through their own social connections: blogs, social platforms, and email newsletters. It is an efficient way to increase your brand awareness and reach your potential clients and partners.

How To Utilize Content Seeding?

Below, you will find a step by step description on how to successfully utilize content seeding in your PR campaign. Let’s start!

Step №1: Finding Relevant Bloggers

You start your campaign with finding and hiring relevant bloggers. It should not be a problem to find influencers who can help you with seeding your brand content. How can you verify that a blogger is relevant in the needed niche market? We recommend you to use Google Search, specialized catalogs/directions, or  tools to search for matching bloggers and influencers.

Step №2: Write Only About Relevant News/Trends

You can find relevant influencers by tracking relevant topics to your business. The test tool for following up-to-date topics is Google Alerts. It is efficient when you want to get auto-updates about the top trends and relevant news. Do not forget to check campaigns for blogger outreach to find relevant information as well.

Step №3: Build a Database of Contacts

When you have completed the research, you must keep all the found sources well-organized in a single database. It is very convenient to have the contacts of bloggers next time when you need to reach them for content promotion.

Step №4: Attract Bloggers

The top bloggers get a lot of pitches from companies. You must find ways to attract their attention and motivate them to open your email and read it till the end.

You must check that the blogger matches your business and services/products.
Bloggers want to know what benefits that will get after cooperating with you. Promoting and seeding content should be well-paid.
Show the facts and provide the examples of your content to convince the blogger that information fits the niche.
While writing emails, make them personal.
Step №5: Evaluate Your Efforts
Every time you cooperate with bloggers, you must evaluate your efforts and the outcome. It is necessary to keep tracking the traffic that you get from the third-party websites and blogs.


Businesses work hard on increasing their traffic, and creative content is the solution. Content seeding helps to gain a bigger audience thanks to the cooperation with the top influencers.

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