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Digital Nomad Trends in 2022 and Forecast for 2023

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In the past, the digital nomad trend was predicted to rise in popularity, but uncertainty over the Covid policy and travel restrictions put an end to this. However, digital nomad numbers spiked in the USA and China in 2021, as millions of people swapped working at home for scenic locations. However, 2020 turned out to be a difficult year for digital nomads. Here are the digital nomad trends for the year ahead.

The digital Nomad

Millennials and Gen Z is both embracing the idea of becoming digital nomads, and the trend is only gaining momentum. According to McKinsey, the digital nomad reported the lowest satisfaction with their lives and are more likely to attempt suicide in the past year. Social media and the COVID-19 pandemic have been linked to the decline in mental health among young people. It has also been noted that the digital nomad are more likely to report feelings of loneliness and poor emotional support.

The millennial generation has been breaking the traditional work life routine. In the year 2020, the global pandemic of a virus disrupted traditional workplaces, but working from home was not the trend. By 2023, “digital nomads” are destroying the conventional workplace. This is especially true for Gen Z, who were previously confined to their cubicles at home. If you’re a digital nomad, you’re likely wondering how this trend will impact the future of the work-from-home lifestyle. While this lifestyle isn’t going to take over the world anytime soon, it will certainly continue to grow. With so many people forced to work from home for so long, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t catch on in the next few years.

While it’s possible to find a digital nomad job in many countries around the world, the reality is much different. As a result, many digital nomads are outsourcing their work to exotic destinations, like the Turks and Caicos Islands. The Cayman Islands has been a prime destination for digital nomads for years, but now that travel restrictions have been relaxed, more people are choosing to live the life of the digital nomad.


As the world’s population ages, it is becoming more difficult to find suitable job opportunities in their home countries. The rise of digital nomads has become a major trend in the recent years, with many people choosing to work remotely from a place like Costa Rica or Southeast Asia. With more people able to work from anywhere, governments in countries like Spain and Portugal are taking measures to attract this growing group.

The growth of the digital nomad trend has shifted the conventional workplace. While it wasn’t a common practice in the past, many millennials are breaking away from the traditional office structure to travel more and work remotely. They can work from anywhere and travel to a variety of destinations, and don’t require governmental documentation to do so. A recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has forecast a boom in digital nomads in the years to come.

Gen Yers

The Millennials have carved out a niche for themselves as the most sought-after market segment. They transformed industries, entire economies, cultures, and the environment. Now it’s the turn of Generation Z to make a mark. The digital nomad lifestyle is becoming the new norm, with Gen He’s making the biggest impact on our industry. Here’s what we should know about the next generation of digital nomads.

A recent study by Global Workplace Analytics found that the number of digital nomads in the U.S. grew by 50% between 2019 and 2020. While this growth is expected to continue, the effects of the global pandemic on the nomad lifestyle have already begun to show. According to Global Workplace Analytics, people who work remotely are 40% more productive than office-based workers. On average, they report fewer interruptions than those who work in a traditional office setting.

Networking opportunities

If you’re looking for networking opportunities for digital nomads in the future, there are a few events worth considering. The Nomad Train, for example, is an incredible program that takes remote workers on a unique journey through Russia, Mongolia, and other exciting regions of the world. Other events to look into include Project Gateway, which brings together entrepreneurs in Bali. Project Gateway is a unique networking opportunity for digital nomads that focuses on developing businesses.

A digital nomad can choose to work in any field, but a software engineer’s role is especially popular. Although software engineers don’t work in an office, they must have a high skill level and relevant study to be a successful digital nomad. These professionals typically specialize in data analysis, cyber-security, or app development. Once they learn the language, they can transition to a global nomad lifestyle.