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Does tutoring make a difference for schoolchildren

According to Taylor and Francis Journal, a study shows that if a tutor understands the life circumstances of their student and family situation, private tutoring can help a student achieve better grades. Students can prove to have better results if they can understand their tutor and their teaching methods.  whathowbuzz Blogs for Industry News & Trends Daily. biographywiki Celebryty Biography of Famous Personalities

Is it really necessary to receive extra tuition after a long day at school?

Well, many families in the UK consider this area of education English online with slight hesitation for their children, viewing it as a grey area.

As we know, it doesn’t do any harm to your kids to go straight to school, come straight back home, and play with their friends until it’s dinner time. If you think that tuition is not right for your kids as it kills their playing and fun activities, then first we must reckon that who is it for and who isn’t it for:

Who is it for?

Receiving group sessions at school might not be feasible for your kid. With that being said, a pacey nature of learning at school can cause some kids to fall behind. At the same time, some teachers are also under pressure, and they rush to cover a lot of topics in one session. An hour with a tutor can be invaluable who can tailor the class lessons that suit your kid’s needs.

Not the case with classrooms, but getting into the nitty-gritty of concepts and ideas can help your child explore more during one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Bottom line: If your child has problems with their pacey nature of learning in group sessions, can’t explore more about the ideas, and has an urge to achieve better grades, they must be beefed up with a quality tutoring session.

Who isn’t it for?

Some parents know that tuition is not the answer if their kids haven’t grasped a concept. Normally, 5 to 6 years old child is not academically mature enough to handle sophisticated concepts such as learning to tell the time on a 12-hour analogue clock. So, for a tutor, keeping in mind the age of the student is vital to develop a fine-tuning teaching strategy and method.

If tuition gives your child a negative view of learning, you should stop it. I am not talking about A-level students who gripe and grump about a concept, or sometimes they pass the session time in just listening and not cross-questioning.

Bottom line: Know your child’s learning ability before hiring a tutor because it won’t make sense to pay high fees and get nothing.

Does tutoring help UK children achieve better grades?

A research paper published by the Journal of Educational Psychology on Research Gate concludes that tuition incorporated with fun activities and informal discussions can produce improved results.

The direct teaching approach is the most widespread and popular teaching method. Tutors present new concepts and rules, after which practice and discussions occur.

According to the research, teaching methods that include discovery and research can also produce more effective results. This is because students love to get themselves involved in figuring out how and why something works. This is what develops the critical thinking ability of your child that can not only help improve the study environment but boost their academic performance.

Apart from getting higher grades, tuition can also benefit your child with the followings:

Tutoring can be personalised to each student’s needs

When it comes to learning, each student has different weaknesses and strengths. Personalised tutoring sessions can help your child learn properly in a way that works for them.

Can boost academic performance

A tutor can help your child address problem areas and build their academic skills to prepare for exams, tests, or assignments.

With improved study skills and work, your child will be able to reach their highest potential.

Can improve your child’s confidence and self-esteem

With better grades comes higher confidence. A seasoned and highly qualified tutor can help improve a student’s attitude and motivation so they can reach their full academic potential.

Can improve study habits

Developing a good study habit is paramount for your child so that they can use those habits in a tutoring session, classroom and beyond.

A tutor can help teach your child to adopt a good study routine that helps them set up for lifelong success and help them learn the importance of work ethics.

Can improve intellectual independence

At www.learnnow.org.uk, your child can develop new learning skills on their own that empower them to reach their educational goals both inside and outside of school.

Can help students analyse the facts to form a judgement

A tutor helps students analyse the facts related to the concepts and form their own judgement. This helps them improve their critical thinking in solving problems and overcoming classroom challenges.

Direct, individualised feedback

Including being aware of the weaknesses and strengths, your child will also benefit from a tutor’s detailed feedback. 1:1 attention also helps them build and improve their academic skills.

Your child can compete with high performing students

This all depends on having the right tutor in hand. A seasoned tutor can help your child solve the most-discussed classroom problems, enabling them to compete rigorously with the high performing students.

Final word

Although many parents believe that tutoring can help their child pass the exams in better grades, it’s not always the case. Reckoning whether your child is the right candidate to receive tuition or not is the first and foremost point to consider.

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