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DOs and DON’Ts for Your Trip to Tenerife

Tenerife is a real treasure for fans of both active entertainment and beach holidays. In this article, we will show you the ways to get the perfect Tenerife road trip. We have compiled some actions you should do and avoid in Tenerife that you can visit by car. Let’s dive into them right now!

Gear up ahead

Planning your vacation is not a piece of cake. That is easier to buy a ready-made tour. However, if you think about details and interests and devote some time, you will create the best itinerary. You can preorder tickets and rent a car and hotel room without leaving home. Consider how many fellow travelers go with you, how many baggages you have, and pick the proper transport. 

Rent yourself wheels


A widespread option is to explore Tenerife for two days. Use one day to travel to the west of Tenerife. Navigate to the north on the next day. Without a car, you may not have time to visit all of the planned attractions during the trip. It is expensive to use a taxi, and public transport is not always convenient. Long routes will require transfers, waiting, and linking to a traffic schedule. Excellent roads, cheap rentals, and fuel make renting a car the best option when traveling to Tenerife. Ven al alquiler de coches de Orlando en Tenerife para llevarte el mejor vehículo.

Exchange currency

To pay for purchases and services, you must use only euros. Exchange currency at any local bank or exchange office. As a rule, currency conversion goes with a commission charge. Thus, that is better to exchange money before the trip.

Take cash

Cashless payment is also widespread on the island. Locals accept credit cards in almost all major hotels, restaurants, and entertainment establishments. Yet, cash will come in handy for those who expect to visit small restaurants and shop in open markets.

Learn a few phrases

The official language is Spanish, and many locals speak English quite well. To show respect for traditions and culture, you should learn a few simple phrases in the national language. Locals will like this gesture.

Prepare technically

Some electrical appliances may require plugs and adapters to work. It is so because the mains voltage is 220 V with the alternating current in small hotels. You can buy that small, still sufficient devices at any local supermarket or hardware store.

Prefer compact car classes

In Tenerife, a small car is enough. In 95% of cases, there is no need for an SUV or sports car. The roads are excellent, and asphalt roads are to almost all sights. By taking a small car, you will significantly save on fuel expenses and make it easier for yourself to find a parking place. 

Do not forget about water balance

Vacationers should use bottled water for drinking and cooking. All supermarkets and grocery stores sell it. The use of tap water may not have the best effect on well-being and aggravate the process of acclimatization. 

Try to make prices lower

Going shopping, you should negotiate with sellers at local markets and in private stalls. That will save a lot. Bargaining will be inappropriate in large shopping malls and supermarkets. Yet, coming to the car rental in Tenerife, ask about available discounts or coupons. Personnel will gladly offer you something.

Don’t forget an umbrella

The island enjoys favorable weather all year round. Different areas of Tenerife have the rainy season falls during different periods, so be sure to check the weather before the trip.

Documents to take

Coming to the rental centers or using a car rental app, get a passport and an international driver’s license. You will need the credit card with the name of the renter and funds for a deposit. Additionally, according to the rules for entering Spain, you must get travel insurance for Tenerife. 

When driving in Tenerife to places like El Teide and Masca, be careful not to leave anything of value in your car if you plan to park there. 

Driving in Tenerife 

Get ready to drive in Tenerife as in an adventure. The island has some very narrow mountain roads whose conditions deviate from area to area. Then, that is often difficult to even find a place to park. Regarding the style, hitting the road, keep a sufficient distance from other vehicles. Locals are patient when driving in Tenerife. However, many people do not use a turn signal and may stop or turn spontaneously. 

Tenerife is a fantastic place that is very popular among tourists of all ages. Use our tips, and do not be afraid of surprises that may wait for you thousands of miles from your home. You will find the answers and make your trip successful! Have a good time!