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Everything you should know about maize shellers

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Maize shellers are machines that are used by small or large-scale farmers to separate maize from their cobs. They help to make work easier, save cost and also reduce human labour as compared to the traditional sheller. They are two examples of machines which includes power machines and manual ones.

In the recent world, we are, there have been many inventions and discoveries of machines that make work easier. One of the farm tools that make work easier in maize plantations is a maize sheller which is used to separate maize from their cob. That is why in this article, I will elaborate on what is maize sheller, how it operates, what is considered when operating the machines and also factors to consider before purchasing one.

What are maize shellers?

These are machines that are commonly used to separate maize from their cob during maize harvesting. This separation is facilitated by either using a power machine or manually hence this is the most utilized tool during maize harvesting. Farmers prefer this type of maize sheller because they make work easier, and also low human energy is used when operating them. Hence, in case you are a maize farmer, you ought to select this type of machine.

How does the machine work?

The working principle of this equipment is very simple and makes the work easier. First, maize enters the maize seller through the inlet. When the maize is inside, the machine runs at a high speed while the motor rotates to allow the separation. Afterwards, the maize cob is expelled from the end of the maize sheller while the grains are expelled to the other end. This separation makes the work simple and easier since maize is separated from its cobs.

What to consider when operating the maize sheller.

When you are operating the machine, what you are required most is attention to the feeding rate. When you feed faster than the expected rate, it may lead to overload and there are high chances there may be some parts of the machine breaking down or even affecting the running of the machine. That is why it is important to concentrate while operating the machine and also feed according to the required amount of the machine.

Factor to consider before purchasing one.

In agribusiness to be successful, then you need the right equipment on your farm to produce the expected task. That is why when buying maize seller, first consider the type of maize sheller that will meet your needs, it’s quality and how it operates. Also, you need to search for the right maize sheller price in Kenya before making your capital budget

In conclusion, the above-mentioned are everything that you require to know about maize shellers. They are very important machines among farmers when it comes to separating maize from their cobs. Hence, if you don’t have one, you should consider buying one instead of separating maize manually. You can buy it in any market or even shop online and be delivered to you where you are.