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Factors to Consider for Installation of Gabion Chambers

Gabion chambers are rectangular, welded wire carriers. The nets are loaded with rocks when gabions are used as an erosion technique. They are then used as moderately construction bricks on slopes. Specialists in erosion management may also suggest planting trees and other vegetation in the cages to help support them. Planting trees and shrubs in gabion boxes will also help to prevent erosion.

Gabion chambers are of great essence when dealing with ways to curb soil erosion. This technique is widely used all over the world since it can control massive sums of soil.


The box has a hexagonal shape or cuboidal consisting of metal mesh with duplex or threefold twisting, filled with pebbles or gravel used for bulwark.


The gabion boxes should be fixed in areas that have steep slopes like hills since this is where the erosion is most likely to occur carrying soil away. The gabion boxes are placed at strategic points where water flows at a high velocity degrading soil. They hold the soil being carried away as the gabion creates a barrier to prevent further erosion.

Ways to Use the Gabions

Gabions are commonly used to line ledges. You may put one in the middle of your yard to separate it into two pieces, such as a pool area and a dining area. You could create a stairway right through the middle of the gabion to connect the top and lower levels.It offers a fence-like border, and yet is relatively low enough to see over, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of any geographical features in the background, such as highlands or farms.

Materials Used and their Properties

The wire netting used to make the gabion cage must have unique features otherwise it will not accomplish its purpose effectively. The technical properties of the wire are maximum wire thickness, the area being covered, and tensile of the wire. Materials are stones, sand, concrete, and soilamong other materials.

Types of Gabions

A variety of gabion combinations are available, each with its own cost and function. Gabions come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

1. Gabion Baskets

It’s a box-shaped net wire mesh that comes in a variety of sizes. Unless infill materials are not accessible from mines near the proposed site, it would be cost-effective.

2. Gabion mattresses

They are also called renomattresses. Gabion mattresses are less in height than other types of mattresses.It’s used in channel coatings to keep them from eroding. As a result, it deals with surge and subsidence velocity.

Advantages of Gabion Chambers

  1. Gabions are cost-effective
  2. They are appropriate for areas prone to soil erosion
  3. Good for bad weather
  4. Easy to control floods and flash floods
  5. They are easy to install
  6. gabions are water-permeable


People all over the world should consider installing gabions in sloppy areas to control or curb soil erosion. The technique should be implemented by the government on roads and sites that are likely to have soil erosion. The method makes the world a safe place to live without worrying about the risk of hazardous sites.