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Hiring a commercial litigation attorney: Answering the top questions

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Are you dealing with contract disputes or having a tough time recovering your debts? You need an attorney who specializes in commercial litigation and collections. It is not unusual for businesses to deal with legal disputes related to clients, suppliers, customers, and employees. Without a legal team in place, it can be hard to settle matters both in and out of court. Below we have answered some key questions related to hiring a commercial litigation attorney. 

How much do commercial litigation lawyers charge?

Businesses dealing with unpaid debts and evading clients often have a hard time finding a lawyer on a budget. The good news is many lawyers work on a contingency fee for commercial litigation matters. Instead of charging an hourly rate, which is the standard norm for regular lawyers, these lawyers charge a part of the settlement or money that their clients recover. The contingency fee arrangement works well for businesses because they don’t have to feel the financial punch when hiring a lawyer. Please note that many attorneys charge a flat fee or an upfront advance too, but that again is not on the higher side. 

What kind of commercial litigation cases can be handled on a contingency fee?

Contingency fee only works for cases where there is financial recovery involved. Your lawyer can only charge you after you have won the case and have recovered your amount. This type of arrangement is ideal for breach of contract claims, judgment collection cases, shareholder disputes, goods sold and delivered cases, and partnership disputes. 

How to find the right lawyer?

Most of the top law firms have websites these days, and you can also check websites like Nolo and Google to find listings. Just like you would go to a heart doctor for your cardiac concerns, you should hire an attorney specializing in commercial litigation matters. Multiple lawyers often work for the same law firm and could have decades of collective experience in the field. If the same legal team can take care of judgment collections, it is a good advantage. You must also check if the lawyer has experience representing clients in court. Don’t shy away from asking questions related to trial experience, and if you want to compare your options, check a few reviews. 

Final word

With a team to handle commercial litigation issues and cases, you can focus better on your business and other key aspects that matter.