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How Frequently Should You Consider Aquaguard Service?

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Reverse Osmosis is popularly termed RO and is the common water filtration type that every Indian household relies upon. RO water purifiers from Aquaguard are designed to eliminate impurities from unfiltered water. The RO filtration technology deionizes water through an absorbent membrane and pushes them below the pressure.

Are Aquaguard Servicing Needed?

The RO technology can sieve massive contagions and molecules. This results in the water moving towards a less concerted region from an intensely concerted region. This moving of water towards lesser concerted regions offers clean and unpolluted water.

While the processed water is termed as permeate, the left water is popularly known as litter. Owing to RO’s pivotal actions, you must always consider Aquaguard service in Kanpur for online RO filters and membranes replacement and optimize its efficiency.

How Important are Cartridges and Filters Change for Your Aquaguard Unit?

A filter is the water purifier that the lungs are to human beings. The filter present in the Aquaguard water purifiers is designed to filter out dangerous waste products to turn your water clean and safe for consumption.

Regularly using the water purifiers can clog the filter inside which in turn can wreak permanent havoc on the filer. The carbon-based filters also lose out on their absorbent properties over time and therefore need replacement.

How Frequently Should You Replace the RO Filters?

The pre-filter RO is present on the exterior portion of the RO water purifier. It demands to change every 3-4 months. However, it depends on how much water you want to distil. The other pre-filters like the Carbon and DI cartridge need changing every 6-12 months based on how the amount of water that moves through them. You must mandatorily think of changing the RO filters every year.

As for the RO membranes, you must replace them every 2 years. If you fail to perform RO service regularly, this can lead to pollutants getting inside your drinking water and polluting them. Consuming polluted water can be extremely detrimental to your health.

How Else Should You Determine When to Schedule Aquaguard RO Filter Service?

The above-mentioned guide proves helpful in determining when to replace and change the water purifier’s filters and membranes. The frequency of its servicing is reliant on the water amount that your RO filters out, the impurities present in your tap water apart from the service life. To summarize, if you have been using the filters for a year, then it is time to replace them.

Servicing Tips for Different Kinds of Water Purifiers

Water purifiers are present in different types starting from RO to UV, UF, sediment filter and activated carbon.

Reverse Osmosis Aquaguard Water Purifiers

To sanitize the RO water filters, you must schedule a cleaning service every year. The professionals get rid of all the filter layers to clean and disinfect them properly. It is important to count on professionals for RO water purifier service, owing to the importance of inserting filters and membranes accurately.

Aquaguard UV Water Purifiers

The professionals replace the UV lamps present in the water purifiers for maintenance reasons. Most UV lamps require replacement every year.

Aquaguard UF Water Purifier

The Aguaguard UF water purifiers need changing every 12 months.

Activated Carbon

Carbon leads to film formation of contaminants which makes it essential to frequently cleanse them. Carbon is attracted to atoms, ions, and molecules. After reaching the capacity, the carbon film is unable to purify water. Therefore, you must change them every 6 months based on what the water quality is.

Sediment Filter

Consider replacing the sedimentary filter cartridges every 6-8 months. It is important to clean the sediment filter to keep up with the UV and RO filter quality, given how it is designed to block particles primarily to minimise the UV and RO load.

Aquaguard service near me in Kanpur is important from time to time to make the best use of it. All types of Aquaguard water purifier models can function for about 5-6 years, you manage to schedule servicing from time to time and change the filters frequently besides maintaining them well. You might want to read the manual to get a fair idea of when to perform the servicing.