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How to Help Guide Your Family Through a Tragedy

Personal tragedies, by their very nature, do not have an easy way through them. When navigating the emotions that can come with such an event, it can feel as though there’s no right answer, no guide for you to follow, just your own experience and the ultimate form that this takes. When this tragedy is something that affects your whole family, though, it makes sense that you would want to put yourself in a position where you are helping to move things in a more positive direction.

This isn’t an objective that will be easy or even always possible, but having some idea of what you can do can help you to plot your course through it.

A Death in the Family

This might be what you first think of when it comes to personal tragedies, and it’s unavoidable, especially if you’re considering your wider extended family. This is a case where getting through this time might be about preparation beforehand, mainly concerning how you address the topic of death within your family and how you encourage it to be approached. It’s difficult to be at all positive about something like this, and when it comes, expressing your sadness and emotions is healthy. That being said, developing a healthy relationship with the concept of death might be something that helps to prepare everyone in your family more for life going forward.

Life-Altering Health Problems

The case of a health issue arising that drastically changes what life is like for the individual in question can be enormously frustrating and deeply depressing for both them and their loved ones around them. While in this case, your support and ability to be there as much as you can be integral to helping the person with the injury or health problem get through it, it might also be a good idea to undertake some research into the possible routes that you have.

For example, in the case of something like a degenerative disease, being constructive and realistic about your next steps can help you to carve out a route forward that works for everyone involved, such as investigating stem cell treatments through professional outlets, like bioxcellerator.com.

Your Own Support

Throughout all of this, it makes sense that you would feel as though you would want to be the one who is strong and present for the rest of your family, but you’re only human, and neglecting your own emotional needs could simply make a bad situation even worse for everyone involved. Therefore, if you find that you don’t have access to your own support network outside of your family (and sometimes even if you do) it might be a good idea to see what therapy or counselling could do for you.

If you feel as though you’re struggling to offer your family the emotional support that they feel they need, you must understand this as an option for them as well if you feel it would help.